For the love of god Bray end your brother's streak

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Jun 8, 2014.

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  1. For the love of god Bray end your brother's streak come on ive had enough of Bo he is ridiculous. He isnt that good and he talks like a girl on the mic
  2. You're in the minority... he is getting over pretty well from what I can hear from the crowds so far.... getting all the heat he is supposed to get. His gimmick will work as long as they keep him away from Bray. The moment they get in a verbal altercation Bray has the ability to destroy him. So, I say... please Bray, for the moment, stay away from your brother and let him do what's he's doing and try his best to get ahead in the company.

    You've gotta BOlieve! :bodallas: (did I really just type that? Oh God what is happening to me?!)
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  3. BLFFL....all you need to is...BOLEIEVE! :bodallas:
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  4. BOLIEVE! :bodallas:
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  5. He should team with Dolph Ziggler.


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  6. @dios
    Now THIS is a BLFFL thread
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  7. Thanks for the heads up
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  8. :bodallas:
  9. Don't you mean he is BOdiculous?

  10. rude
  11. Bo is epic. Smarmy, cocky, arrogant, yet stupid, childlike and dumb. Serious heat entails in the future! He gets on ur nerves.
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  12. BLFFL, quit your obsession with Bray and Bo wrestling for now. If this is ever going to happen on the main roster it will not be for a long time because Bray is on a different path/level to Bo right now. They aren't just going to throw them into a match together anytime soon. You should also quit making broad judgements for new talents on the main roster like Bo and Rusev as we have seen neither fully develop as characters and wrestlers.

    :bodallas: conformity though.
  13. See, that's all a part of his gimmick. He's meant to be hated by the fans. I'm definitely a BOLIEVER.

    It's too early for Bray and Sister A-BOgail to cross paths. lol
    I'm sure WWE will acknowledge that they're brothers (sooner or later) and have 'em either tag team or feud each other.
  14. This thread's existence just proves what a fine heel Bo Dallas is thus far. Being able to antagonize the audience and get under your skin to the point where you desperately want to see them lose and get demolished by somebody is what being a heel is all about. Can't say that Bo has had that effect on me personally, but that's because I've been a smark for so long that I can't see any wrestler managing to get under my skin ever again (I regret to say.)

    That said, a rivalry between Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas would make no sense at the moment. Both are heels, and until one (likely Wyatt) makes a face turn, you can forget about seeing these two square off.
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  15. bray wyatt and bo dallas are not brothers. brothers have the same last name unless their adopted or half brothers or something so i guess maybe they can be brothers
  16. Hi mark.
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  17. hi but my name is joey
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  18. At least there is one thing that never changes around here: BLFFL commentary threads.
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  19. I would mark out if Bray broke Bo's winning streak
  20. I would mark out if Cena turned heel, but yeah, it's not happening. :emoji_wink: