For the love of god strip Ambrose of the US title

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Jan 31, 2014.

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  1. For the love of god strip Ambrose of the US title what is the point in him even having it? he hasent defended it at all since he won it. Theres so many young talent on the roster who are hungry to have a title reign give it to them
  2. Uh....while he hasn't defended it in a while, he did defend it before.
  3. I actually agree with BLFFL, as part of The Shield it is pointless him carrying the belt.
  4. I'd give it to Jack Swagger because we know Cesaro will leave the Real Americans soon, so it gives Swagger and Zeb something to do.
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  5. He hasn't defended the belt in a LONG time and it's almost impossible to remember he has it.
    It's great, isn't it? :yay:
  6. They are keeping for either Roman or Seth to win it.

    Preferably Seth.
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  7. The title is so misleading on the front page.

    But... If anyone should take it away from Ambrose it should be Roman.
  8. The US title would not be enough of a push for Reigns... to me the US title would be an insult to a guy that was one of the last 2 remaining in the Royal Rumble.
    Titus O'Neil, Xavier Woods, or Seth Rollins would be good choices to start a push with the US title.
  9. The title on anyone would be the kiss of death, its up to wwe to care about it but I just think they should scrap it and just make the IC the main focus of the midcard. Would make the IC more important.
  10. Dean flings that belt around like a toy this isnt acceptable. Theres talent like Dolph, Cesaro, Drew Mcintrye, Heath Slater,Tyson Kidd who could have that title and make it something but no Dean still has it and ties it on his trouser belt like some toy
  11. You already made this fucking thread before.
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