WrestleMania For the people who bought Mania....

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  1. Yeah, of course it was.

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  1. Did you think it was worth the money? I've always wondered what the paying customer thinks.
  2. Meh, I didn't enjoy the show but I'd rather watch it cleanly on a big HD TV and experience Wrestlemania that way than a stream, so for me it's always worth the money despite the crap show. If it wasn't WM though I would have voted OH HELL NO.
  3. I didn't buy it and I felt ripped off. I pity the fool who was tricked into paying WWE for that mediocre, run of the mill, 'that was it?' crap


    fuck that shit, I'm offended that ANYONE would pay that much for that garbage
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  4. It's not that much here, it's £15.
  5. So WWE only shits in the face of American fans. Good to know.

    Any American that paid $65 for that pos cannot feel vindicated in doing so. no possible way.
  6. $65 is alot bro, good god.
    I didn't buy it, but that's the price I pay when a stream breaks down 10 times. I don't care if it happens in a match, but it happened when Taker and Rock came out. I was pissed. Punching myself in the head like Flair did in promo's.
  7. That sucks that everyone was having stream problems. I had 15 backup streams ready to go, but my main stream never cut out, and only had a few minor, 1 or 2 second hiccups throughout the 4 hours
  8. Can you PM me that one please?
  9. I was the same tbh, I think it cut out once for about 10 seconds then it was back when I refreshed. I hoped it would cut out at times, shit was that bad.
  10. We also get every other PPV free :emoji_slight_smile:. Extreme Rules will be completely free of charge in a months time. #RubbinItIn
  11. Glad you can get PPV's. Fuggin USA satellite is too far away to reveive Sky Sports in Holland... :upset:
  12. I've always known that. It's why I don't feel bad 'stealing' from WWE.

    edit: well, one of many reasons I don't feel bad.
  13. @[Dolph'sZiggler] can you PM me the good one which worked for 4 hours with 1 or 2 hiccups?
  14. I was just on firstrowsports.eu, where I go for every PPV I watch
  15. I am proud of the money I paid and yes it was definitely worth it, in my eyes, this show was one I'll never forget.
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  16. It so to said that days if it was wroth the money since I get WM anyway. But if have to give answer I would said YES! And that b/c I was the best WM I have watch on PPV since WM24 the last WM that was non PG as it was still TV14! Alll the other WM since have been only good b/c of 1 or 2 match which not good for people who paid for all matchest!!!!!!!!
  17. Not worth it for me. Undertaker win was predictable, but the match was OK. Jericho/Punk was the best of the night for me, but it only covered about $10/65 of my money.
  18. yet but u got it in HD. I did not. I only 55.00 dollar I don't buy HD. Now that to much.
  19. I don't care about Extreme Rules streams because I will be GOING TO IT! HAHAHAHA!
  20. Re: RE: For the people who bought Mania....

    Get it free on TV also so no bothering with streams. Jelly you're going though. Take a few pics.

    Longnecks and rednecks.
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