For those having site speed issues, or other site related issues since we switched host -- click me.

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Crayo, Feb 13, 2014.

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  1. It seems like some people have issues with either accessing the site, the site being slow for them, or any other bugs since we moved hosts. Firstly, please make sure you have deleted your cache and your cookies. If you don't know how to do it, please Google how to do it for the browser you are using.

    Some of you have already done this however and still have issues. Please make sure you have flushed your DNS. To do that: click start, type "cmd" in the search bar, and click "cmd" (the icon will be a little black square). Once you have clicked it, please type "ipconfig /flushdns" exactly how I have typed it within the quotes (quotes not included obviously). This has seemingly fixed many/all of the issues people were still having.

    If you have any further issues with the site you think are a cause of the server change, then please report them here so we can help you. I'm tagging our server administrator @Solidus as he is best fit to help you in cases where I cannot.
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  2. Remember to run command prompt as administrator.
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  3. the only thin wrong with mine is it's all in HTML and all the pics are missing, but I like it like this.
  4. if you're using in compatibility mode.
  5. THANKS!
  6. Or even better: don't use IE!
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  7. My PC Sucks, it's to old to be compatible with Opera, To old to support Google's memory, Mozila is un-able to download.

  8. No computer is that bad, unless you're still running 256 ram on 98 or some shit. Try Midori browser.
  9. My PC's running XP (2005) professional with only 2 GB of it's 50 GB storage, has over 100 problems/virus (circa Norton Scan) and did i tell you it was shipped with Windows ME?

    LOL, IE is the only light weight browser and it get's my job done.
  10. I think it's time you called doc and Marty and took a trip to the future
  11. i have a Windows 8 Lap top but i used that for school, and this i just use for the fuck of it, i just download what ever seems fun.
  12. agreed. IE is crap...only good for business environments.
  13. @Tyrion I keep getting a thing where I will check my inbox or alerts and it just keeps loading until I refresh then check again, also with posts and PMs it just keeps loading but never posts but when I refresh it has posted. @Coon
  14. Also the site overall has been slow as fuck.
  15. Check your connection, it has never been faster atm.
  16. Completely unrelated but loving the new groups for the smileys.
  17. Thank you so much.
  18. Connection is fine.
  19. Hmmmm...that could be your antivirus, toolbars, etc. What are you running and when did it start happening?
  20. After the server move and be mores specific on what you mean by what im running.

    Note: Its been a lot faster and better today.
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