For those in relationships/ or married...

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Neptune, Feb 10, 2016.

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  1. Do you celebrate Valentine's Day?

    I feel like it is a pressured Holiday (more on men than women) to buy items to show you care. To me, I'd rather have a gift because it's Tuesday (or whatever day) then on a specific one. Like, to me, a surprise gift means WAAAAY more. I never really celebrated it myself. I have given and gotten gifts in the past but it wasn't something I intended on, it just happened out of obligation. I don't know. The cards can be funny though.

    How do you feel about it?
  2. It can be very easy in a long relationship to end up taking each other for granted - if you're both working, got kids to run around after etc. then sometimes it's handy to have a bit of a nudge to be extra-thoughtful.

    Some people like expensive/flashy gifts. Sometimes it's just about agreeing to give the person who's normally up early a lie in, or taking the one who usually does the cooking out for dinner. Stuff you could do any night but the reality is you need a reminder sometimes :emoji_wink:

    I'll see if I can find a pic of the e-card my husband sent me last year. Should give you an idea of how sentimental we are about V day!
  3. That is true. I guess it makes a difference for people who have been together for a long time. I still feel like the way most view it is too commercial and that is what puts me off of it, like most other holidays do.
  4. Screw 'em. If you let everyone else's behaviour determine how much you enjoy Valentines, Christmas etc. you'll just end up with a few very vocal morons sucking all the joy out of life.
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  5. If people don't show love to their girlfriends/boyfriends all the time, then they shouldn't bother on Valentines Day either.
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  6. @Jacob Fox is a lucky fella
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  7. Never knew anyone celebrated St Valetines day. I guess having no love or life has a different take on this sort of stuff. :sad:
  8. My mom is born on Valentine's day. I buy a woman flowers on that day whether I'm in a relationship or not
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  9. When was the last time she was disappointed? :stopspot: (don't ban me solibro)

    I don't relationship, hate this kind of stuff personally, as tons of others do, because of what it represents. Outside of being a good son, I don't get the whole "valentines for your valentine" shit tbh. Cash cow is all it is. You love someone the last the you probably wanna do is do something special on a day it's demanded. Outside of your mom, i'm talking relationships like with significant others obviously.
  10. Probably when my brother bought her a plaque that said "the best thing about you being my mom is that my kids will have you as their grandmother" only to find out she wasn't actually becoming a grandmother, he only thought it looked nice
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  11. I'd pay to see that.

    ETA obviously not because it's your mom or family, obviously. I can't imagine the scolding my mom would be giving me.
  12. So would I. I only got to hear the story over the phone
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  13. How many times did she hurr, how many times did she dee, and how many times did she durr. Chef.
  14. Single this year. When I'm caught in a relationship come that dreaded day I just do the bare minimum to get by without her getting butt hurt.

    It's a shitty corporate holiday but most chicks are into it so just grit and bear it fellas. There are worse things in the world than having to buy your girl a cheap gift so she dresses up nice for dinner and then tries hard in bed for one night. You'll be aight
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  15. The best part about V-day? Tons of girls as miserable as we are hoping to find something they don't want to work for. Bridesmaids at the wedding and shit, I personally love it.

    Aidsey plans on adding 2 more to the arsenal, should we do the nWWEF challenge D'z? Will have to selfie w/ said girl. Sig bet until after WM.
  16. I fully plan on banging some sad singles bitches. Singles parties on VD is fish in a barrel
  17. Yes. We fuck multiple times then have dinner.
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  18. Heart shaped nugs for everyone. Peace and love.
  19. Nugs?

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  20. Absolutely, more than you could know :emoji_slight_smile:
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