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  1. ... the infamous 2002 "Plane Ride from Hell", I just had to post this. I read it on Bleacher a few minutes ago and it's effin' hilarious. But not nearly as funny as the way X-Pac explains it. He also adds in some hilarious tidbits (1:50) that weren't included in the written version. Anyway, take a look:

  2. Heard about that plane ride a hundred times but never as in depth. Makes Vinnie Mac and Kurt Angles friendly "throw the other guy to the ground rivalry" seem so tame.
  3. I don't feel like reading this or watching the video. So summarize the plane ride in 1 sentence. Plus I dont even know 90% people u named
  4. Well I just found it hilarious because the entire plane, except for Vince, Linda, and J.R. were high/stoned/drunk/trippin' out of their mind on something. Even Lawler was out of it, laughing at this chaos.

    Michael Hayes mistaking Linda McMahon for a urinal.
  5. Damn headset broke so I can't listen to this :emoji_slight_frown:
  6. I wonder what would've happened if Lesnar his that plane door with Hennig. Just laughed a lot... I wish I was there. :haha:
  7. Wow really does sound like the plane ride from hell
  8. Waltman seems stoned in the video.
  9. Just listened to this, what a boss. JBL knocking him out = pure lolage.
  10. It would have been almost as bad as Chris Benoits death. And Brock would be in prison right now for man-slaughter.
  11. You're right. :sad:
  12. One of the many charges after the cops found out about the nudity, assault, and drug use. I also lol'd at that. Just because Brock probably would have fell out of the plane with him because of the air pressure.
  13. The only thing that could've ended this plane ride appropriately would be Lesnar killing some people in the plane by opening the door with Hennig.
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