Football For those who call football "soccer", get in here.

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Mar 14, 2012.

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  1. Need to know who does it so I can add you to my hit list.

    It's :shovel: time.
  2. I call Soccer, Soccer and Football, Football.
    Hate Me Bitch!
  3. Soz Op, it's an American thing. People who don't follow the leagues call it soccer, just like for some EXTREMELY weird reason people in the UK call potato chips "crisps" and add a "u" to words like color(colour) favorite(favourite) and behavior(behaiviour). I have a lot of British jokes if you want me to go on :lol1:
  4. Soccer is a lame sport anyway to watch beside the goals. Or else the stuff on the field is priceless. But soccer is lame to play
  5. Oh sorry I didn't know America invented the ENGLISH language. My bad.

  6. What you be talkin' bout son? I speak American!

    I don't even know how the term"soccer" was started. You'd think America would jump the bandwagon with the rest of the world, but no. :pity:
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  7. Liked lmao. :laugh:
  8. @[Optimus] Crayo is your avatar a picture of Dana White? Or else who's going to watch the new ultimate fighter series on friday?
  9. Lol no it's Vin Diesel.
  10. Looked abit like Tom Hardy at first glance. Must be the bald head.
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  11. Just call it American football so it'll be easier to understand because we got a lot of UK fags people here.
  12. I not a really a big soccer or (as the whole world other then the USA) call it football. I am A HUGE USA FOOTBALL FANS!It is a GREATS SPORTS! It the number 1 sport in the USA RIGHT and is know as today as "American Game"! But I can RESPECT why you are mad that your football as we call it soccer and people the usa did steal the name! B/c your football the soccer was called WAY be USA Footabll was made!
  13. Exactly, and it's a much bigger sport globally. :emoji_slight_smile:
  14. But American Football is the NFL so that still gets confusing.

  15. @[Optimus] Lol I failed.
  16. Please someone..
    Post that ''Americans'' image in here for everybody who calls it soccer..
  17. [​IMG]

    This one?
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  18. Hell yeah, thanks seabs! L'd
  19. shut up beaner

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