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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Crayo, Jan 4, 2014.

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  1. Has there been bugs lately? Because of my internet situation it's been a long ass time since I've participated in them, so I'm in need of some feedback. I'm a user on another forum who uses this plugin and they were having bugs with theirs, and they're on the same plugin version as us, so if you do have those issues as well please report them so I can contact the developer.

    The issues I experienced was lag and it constantly remembering my previous post so I had to delete it before I posted.

    @Snowman @GrammarNazi82 @Slim Shady - tagging some consistent live-discussioners. Can you guys tag other live-discussioners as well?
  2. What issue did my baby boy Coon fix?
  3. Posts didn't show until you refreshed.
  4. @Kassius HoHo

    Haven't had any problems in the LD's except for people getting pissy with mods that show up way too late.
  5. So no lag or anything? No issues at all?
  6. Just the deleting the previous post b4 posting thing. That's it as far as i can tell
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  7. I haven't had any problems during my enjoyment doing live discussions, I know months ago it was laggy when you try to post it would take forever to chance on your typing but that was probably on my side.
  8. I sometimes have lag, but always assumed that was an issue on my end.

    The only other issue I've seen for myself and others is the reply box saving all or part of a previous post you did, making you have to realize that, delete it, and then type your new reply. A small annoyance more so than anything.

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  9. It always remembers a post before my last one for me. Like pretyped but I've already posted that shit homeboy.
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  10. Sometimes the things we post are double posted, and sometimes it takes a while for it to register what we're typing, those are the only real issues that I come across while I'm in a Live Discussion thread.

    @CM Punk
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