WrestleMania For those who think Rock is winning clean...

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Mar 28, 2012.

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  1. Why do you think so? It's really obvious in my opinion that if he wins it won't be clean, when has anyone gone over John Cena clean lately at a big big PPV? Sure it's Rock in his home town but Rock isn't going to be there next year weekly like Cena. How does Cena recover from this?

    I guess I just can't see it. I'd love to see some of the reasons why you think so.
  2. RE: For those who think Rock isi winning clean...

    I've been wondering the same tbh, the only thing I've heard from those who say Rock will win is Vince wouldn't want Rock to look bad because he can't get revenge when he goes back to Hollywood. Makes no sense to me tbh.
  3. RE: For those who think Rock isi winning clean...

    If he wins, he should be put on the main roster. He´s in good shape to preform so why not?
  4. RE: For those who think Rock isi winning clean...

    Tied down to filming, I doubt he can do too many shows with all the promotional stuff he has to do aswell.
  5. RE: For those who think Rock isi winning clean...

    He's a global mega movie star so he won't be full time in WWE. That reason baffles me seabs.

    I've seen the "It's Rock's hometown, he wouldn't want 80k angry fans", I don't see why not?
  6. Everyone loses in their hometown. Except PUNK!
  7. Riot if Rock loses. Well he said he was home. So prove it and stay for a while, forget the other stuff.
    Probably will end up just like Cena said. He comes back, and leaves.
  8. I agree with you Crayo I cannot find a reason why Rock will win even though I want him to win..I mean he will disappear and Cena will stay so if he wins I will actually uh be really disappointed with WWE.
  9. RE: For those who think Rock isi winning clean...

    Are they really going to have 80k fans?? Dayum
  10. I think that's what the stadium holds, or 70k. Can't remember. But yeah, it's massive.
  11. I know how big the stadium is, it holds 75k, but it just seems like it would be useless it be sitting in the upper deck for an event like a wrestling match.

    I would imagine that they could hold close to 85k by putting more seats on the field
  12. Yeah I think there are seats on the field, I swear I read it'd be 80k. And even the nosebleed seats are getting sold. I read 2 weeks ago that there were only 15k tickets remaining, obviously the nosebleed seats. Those will get sold cheaply.

    Must be pretty nerve-racking performing in front of that many people.
  13. It's just too bad it's an outdoor venue. Reactions don't sound half as loud as they do indoors
  14. Was last year outside too? I agree, it definitely sounds less. If they came to the UK, it'd be the loudest mania ever. Wembley holds 80,000 and has a roof which you can close. UK fans are basically like Chicago/New Yorkers just with the famous "Who Are Ya?" chants. But won't happen so I'll stop fantasizing.

    I think less is more, MSG even though it's smaller will be so much better than this huge stadium.
  15. The Georgia Dome is an indoor venue, but it's huge and the roof is way higher up than in an arena type setting so it sort of had the same effect as having it outdoors, but not as extreme. Domes sound reactions are somewhere in between smaller arenas and outdoor venues
  16. A UK PPV would be amazing theres multiple venues they could hold it at that would get huge reactions.

    As for the Rock winning I really dont know it's a tough call as if as said in the thread I just read he's staying for a few more events then he could win and clean but then they would have to feud for Cena as without it and Rock beating Cena it'd make him look so stupid.
  17. They needs to hold Wrestlemania in Michigan again. We got the biggest stadiums.

    Michigan Stadium, Ann Arbor MI - Fourth biggest sport stadium in the world. Holds over 107k fans.

    Pontiac Silverdome, Pontiac MI - Holds over 93k. That was largest stadium used in WM (1997). I live 5 minutes away from there lol.

    Ford Field, Detroit MI - Holds over 80k fans. This was the second largest stadium used in WM (2007). I live 35 minutes away from there.

    Go Michigan! @[Johnny Nitro]
  18. Holy smokes, the biggest stadium here holds 52.960 attendants.
  19. I've been to the Michigan stadium a few times. Spartan stadium is better!!! >:emoji_slight_smile:
  20. It sure is. Spartan > Wolverines.
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