For years....I've never been more satisfied about the WWE!

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  1. For years, things haven't been so good in the WWE, at least in many fans's point of view.
    So many pointless feuds, shoving untalented and lame superstars down our throats while completely ignoring the talented ones and all this was combined with terrible booking.

    But now, and for the first time in years, I'm feeling the change for the better is finally coming, I don't want to be over- optimistic, but I gotta say that it's obvious things now are running way better and more interesting than they used to be.
    You can feel while watching the show that the way they are booking the show is way better than before.
    TBH I never expected myself to be interested again after a WrestleMania that I thought was bad, but here I am looking forward while anticipating each Monday night.

    I mean, if someone asked you one year ago or even 3 months ago back at the WM season, that Daniel Bryan will make Randy Orton tap out in the MAIN EVENT of a RAW that also included a John Cena segment in a WWE Championship feud, and a Punk/Heyman segment building to the blockbuster Punk/Lesnar feud, would you have believed him?

    We have an awesome Punk/Lesnar feud that imo has the potential to be Lesnar's best feud ever since he returned to the WWE last year. We have The Shield's interesting angle, and now we have Daniel Bryan's biggest push of his career. I sure hope it's not just a summer thing though. Thoughts?
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  2. inb4 Lockard says he saw all this coming months/years ago :pity1:
  3. Anyway, yeah. WWE definitely to be getting better, hopefully they keep it up and it's not just a "heat of the moment" type of shit. I still cba watching nowadays though, lol. Three hours is just too much for me. Cut it back down to 2 and I guarantee there'd be more 8-10/10 ratings.
  4. All it took was a John Cena title reign, take a bow John you're a true GOAT candidate.
  5. They seem to be pushing younger talent a lot especially when they are called up from NXT, And the developmental put on great GREAT shows which shows that WWE talent wise have a really bright future and now they are picking up indy stars Generico, Calihan etc, We dont know who is next but im sure they are looking at guys like Adam Cole
  6. RAW is a lot better than it was a few years ago, I agree. Lots of developmental talent. Just imagine how good RAW would be if it were 2 hours though...
  7. I prefer 3 hours, Its bad when I watch it live but more TV means longer matches.
  8. Longer matches don't necessarily mean better matches though.
  9. Bryan Vs Orton wouldnt have been as good if they didnt have that thing at the start and the match wouldnt have been as good if it didnt get enough time.
  10. They could have done that in a 2 hour Raw easily. Just remove some pointless segments, and there you go.
  11. But was there really any pointless segments? Everything seemed there for a reason
  12. I'm sure there was something pointless. Like the Jericho vs. Del Rio match..
  13. Yes it was a bit too long but it was used to fuel Ziggler/Del Rio feud
  14. Ryback vs. Khali.
  15. That was used to put Ryback over after losing to Cena.
  16. A backstage segment would have sufficed, no need to see him pick up Khali to make him look like a plausible strong man, when we've seen him prove it numerous times already.
  17. But the backstage segment would have only been a few minutes shorter than the match so why not put him over
  18. Oh yeah, because beating Khali totally puts a guy over lol.
  19. Sheamus/Christian vs Rhodes Scholars was pointless. (shocking, sheamus being in something pointless.)

    Agree with everything in the OP man. New talents, fresh uses for old talents, not only are we getting storylines but they're good... There's a lot to love in WWE right now.
    Just really worried when the show starts to be terrible again.

    The Shellshock on Khali was impressive tbh
  20. To the younger audience and casual fans yes
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