Foreign Food's That Are Good?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by CM Punk, Jan 2, 2014.

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  1. You guys try any foreign food that you enjoy?

    For years I've been eating Greek food now and then. (I think it's Greek or else false advertising.)
    Shawarma's are really good as well.
    And here and there some Chinese food.

    What about you guys?
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  2. A couple of Thai dishes are good.
    Greek is good
    Italian is good.
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  3. Totally forgot about Italian. I vouch.
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  4. Pizza
  5. Italian, Chinese, Indian, Egyptian.
  6. What's Egyptian food like?
  7. Forgot Mexican too.
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  8. Shawarma (open)

    Greek Food I get (open)

    ^ @Senhor Perfect you ever been to Jimmy the Greek?
  9. It's marvelous. Lots of small fish, curries, kofta.
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  10. I remember when I went to Manchester, I ate some Chicken Donner. I think I liked it, but I doubt I can find it anywhere here.
    Not sure if Indian food or Arab.
  11. @Xanth share your knowledge.
  12. Turkish I think.
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  13. I have Indian every Saturday, one of my favorite foods in general. Also a big fan of the Italian food (pizza, spaggheti, etc.)

    Oh, and American food too. Stuff like ribs and burgers. Even though I'm Spanish, I rarely like our dishes as they mainly consist of fish, but they have some that I find nice too (Spanish omelette, Meat paella, etc.)
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  14. Anything specific for Indian? I might try it out in the next month or two.
    Also, I'm craving lasagna right now.
  15. American, Middle Eastern, Italian, Greek, Spanish, and Chinese.
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  16. Mexican is good, and I am a sucker for American BBQ.
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  17. Ya'll people are naming nationalities when I'm asking for foods. :annoyed: :okay:
  18. I can't eat it anymore cause I'm all veggie, but i did enjoy bulgogi
  19. What a faggot.
    Show Spoiler
    Vegan for 9 days and counting currently. :sad1:
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  20. You'll break before you reach a month and it'll be because of bacon
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