Spoiler Foreshadowing of reigns future?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by edge4ever, Nov 10, 2015.

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  1. This past week on raw we all witnessed triple h tease Roman joining him and becoming champion, much like he did with Seth back in the day. I liked this angle as it makes reigns look tough and not want any shortcuts. It also helped him not care about being number 1 contender, rather he wants to earn his spot.

    What did you all think of this? Is this hinting at a possible triple h and Roman battle? Or, hinting at a reigns heel turn come SS? I'm hoping that dean and reigns are the final 2 and have to battle it out and one of them makes a heel turn. We all know, most likely, that triple h will get involved. But the question is to what degree and how?

    Personally I'd love to see reigns be tempted and join triple h going heel. He will continue to feud with dean until the rumble. We the. Have Seth return at fast lane before mania and begin a feud with triple h.
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  2. I also liked that segment. Reigns managed to resist the temptation of being HHH's man and him not wanting to be handed out the WWE-WHC was nice, but I do want Reigns to cave in and turn heel on Ambrose at SS, or vice versa. As long as it's done, I'm a happy camper.

    I think Reigns would benefit more if he was the one to turn heel. Ambrose would just get cheered even more if he turned on Reigns, IMO.

    Now, don't get your hopes up about Rollins coming back at Fast Lane. He's out for the next 6-9 months, unless he heals super fast.
    Once Rollins is back and whoever's the WWE-WHC (whether it's Ambrose or Reigns), Rollins will be the mega babyface and we could possibly have a Shield triple-threat at next year's SummerSlam.
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  3. They could even have him go heel and Seth come back to be "the good guy" because his time away made him see the error in his ways.
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  4. Rollins will automatically become babyface once he's back. Unless, you know, they align him back with The Authority, which would be kinda meh.
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  5. Rollins needs to come back as a face and feud with triple h at first.
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  6. Then after that, let reigns become heel and join the game after he helps triple h beat Seth.
  7. The perfect time to pull the trigger on Reigns or Ambrose turning heel is at Survivor Series.

    But knowing Vince, he'll prolly panic and book Reigns to win the entire thing in a clean sweep.
  8. It's gonna be someone against Reigns in the finals who will join Triple H to become champion... Seth won't be back until after Wrestlemania 32. We can all see that coming and it's a good angle however something else shocking should happen to this, Triple H champ perhaps? XD Don't care if that's selfish from the second boss of the WWE the dude deserves a 14th reign for what he has put in to this company since becoming a corporate figure in 2011.
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  9. Dean Ambrose may very well be that person if they decide not to turn Reigns.

    Now, to answer the rest... I have nothing against Trips becoming the champ for the 14th time. If Reigns defeats Ambrose in the finals, or vice versa, Trips could easily come out and this is where Lockard's scenario plays out: "He wins the tournament, then HHH comes out and sarcastically says he forgot to mention before that the winner of the tournament has to go through him at the end of the night as well to prove they deserve the strap. Reigns, completely fatigued and exhausted from having already wrestled two or three matches that night, falls victim to the almighty Pedigree and Triple H is officially your 14-time WWE Champion. (His purposes for winning are to keep the title warm either until Seth recovers or until he finds a decent enough replacement for him as "The Guy.")"
  10. Yeah I liked Lock's idea, Ambrose, definitely looking like the one too to "make a deal with the devil".
  11. I can't say I'm confident but I do sense a heel turn on Reigns' behalf coming. It's too good of a situation, to pass up. Not to mention the build that's already started. Of course this can just be a plan by WWE to trick the marks, and have Reigns' come out and make fun of Triple H's friend mark.

    I would love to see, tbh.
  12. If either Reigns or Ambrose don't turn, me and my friend Mark are gonna stop watching!
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  13. Well be prepared to stop watching
  14. Come on, don't jinx it, m8!
  15. Not even trying too lol... Just have a feeling it'll be a clean reigns win or triple h interference. Other than that, no heel turns.
  16. God, I hope not. That would be lame.
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  17. Foreshadowing of Reigns' future? Watch the video below and tell me it doesn't foreshadow the likelihood of Ambrose turning heel and joining The Authority:

    Just watch from 5:54 to the end and listen to HHH talk about how the winner of the tournament could be anyone... Kevin Owens, Cesaro, Dolph Ziggler, Alberto Del Rio, even Kalisto... He already covered Roman Reigns throughout the rest of the interview, so of all the ones that have already qualified in the tournament, that leaves only one superstar that he conveniently left out of the list: :ambrose2:

    Also, look at the way he worded a few of his sentences:

    "It creates an unstable environment where anything can happen..." Unstable, eh? :ambrose:
    "Somebody will be crazy enough to take that opportunity"... Hmm, crazy, you say? :ambrose:

    "Somebody will do absolutely anything to be the man." Like turning on your own brother-from-another-mother just to become champion?

    The main argument against Ambrose is that they've already planted seeds for a feud between him and Kevin Owens over the Intercontinental Championship and have already booked their December house shows with them matched up together on the card. Plus, with the way the tournament is set up, they're most certainly gonna cross paths in the semi-finals, which will be a way of further building onto a more fleshed out rivalry between the two afterwards. Plans do change, however, so we'll see.
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  18. Awwwww fuck you!!! I was literally just about to post that link!!! I swear on my life!!! I still have a feeling it might be triple h.
  19. This is the exact reason I'm leaning towards Reigns. That entire promo was more than obviously talking about Ambrose. Even without the analysis it was overly obvious.

    So I would say it is leading you to believe Ambrose turning heel is being foreshadowed but just to throw you off track when it will actually be Reigns. I think it's a red herring.
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  20. Remember Survivor Series 98? That's what is most likely to happen. Insert Reigns for the Rock and Ambrose for Mankind
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