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  1. You all are due for a completely crappy, no sense making, cat hair covered, pointless Britta thread.

    What are some things you would rather do alone? (don't say sex/masturbation!)
    What are some things you would rather do with someone? (again... don't say sex/masturbation!)

    Like some people would rather go shopping by themselves then go in pairs or groups.
    I for one always hated group projects in school. I work better by myself. :alone:
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  2. sex/masturbation
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  3. I prefer to sleep next to someone than by myself.

    I prefer to eat alone in front on the TV.
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  4. I prefer listening to music alone.

    I hate eating alone.
  5. Alone: Watching TV, and movies.
    Together: Playing video games.
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  6. I prefer doing most everything alone. I can only really enjoy a delicious meal when I'm eating in private. I don't like watching TV when someone else is present, especially if they're one of those annoying pricks who talks during the movie and won't let you concentrate on what you're watching. Even when it comes to play video games or board games, I'd rather just play it against the CPU.

    I'd rather go to sleep and wake up next to someone, I guess... so long as they were young, female and attractive.
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  8. I actually never heard of eating alone being something that is hated. I actually don't mind it seeing as most meals I do eat alone. I grew up having to cook my own stuff though cause I was a vegetarian so I would imagine that plays into it all. lol
  9. Since I live alone, I don't mind having people around to do things with. Having someone to eat with, sleep next to, go shopping with, etc. would be nice.
  10. I like eating around people, sharing a great meal

    I sleep a lot better solo tbh, i'd rather not cuddle.
  11. Unless its a bottle :true: :lol1:
  12. :awyeah:
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  13. I prefer to be a loner
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  14. Not sure if facetious or not, but same here. Usually keep to myself and do most things alone.
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  15. Facetious? Who do I look like??

    being serious though. people tend to harsh my mellow
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