Forever Hooligans - Should they make a long term American return?

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Stopspot, Mar 14, 2013.

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    Rocky Romero and Alex Kozlov, the Forever Hooligans are a succesfull heel tag team in New Japan Pro Wrestling. Recently they did a short stint return to Ring of Honor wrestling to celebrate the company's eleventh anniversary. Their match with the American Wolves was highly rated and the crowd chanted for them to "please come back". Should they?

    Rocky Romero has a history with ROH. He wrestled a lot of his American career in the company, being a former tag champ with Davey Richards in the No Remorse Corps. Kozlov as well had small run with the company before heading to WWE developmental and Japan. The team is whitout a doubt a good team, having held the IWGP tag title and feuded with teams like the Time Splitters and Apollo 55. ROH's tag division needs some filling out and Romero and Kozlov would be a highly rated and credible team to put in there alongside the Briscoes and Wolves. That would also help establish ReDragon (still not sold on that name) and ACH and TD Thomas.

    Would you bring the Hooligans back to the American indy scene?

    What promotions would you have them work?

    Could they have the same success in the states that they had in Japan?
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