Kayfabe Forgive and Forget...

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  1. *The video package opens up with The Scat having his back to the camera with his hood up and a slightly darken room. No-one for sure knows where this is taken place but if I had to take a guess it looks like the basement of the event. After the crowd give their pop The Scat soon speaks.*

    The Scat: I want it, they need it. I stay on it, it's no secret... Those simple words are what is keeping my sanity sane. Before I've joked and pretended that my past wasn't affecting me, that it just got sunk into a black hole. But my past never left me, and I've learned to accept that it never will. I can never forget or be forgiven for my past... and I won't try and be the perfect saint that everyone thinks I should be, because I found the slightly more light at the end of the tunnel. No I won't be it. I won't be it for the simple reason that I can not forgive or forget my past. But what I can do about my past is channel it, use it to fuel my desire.

    *The Scat turns around and faces the camera and moves closer to the camera.*

    The Scat: Fuel my desire to becoming the world heavyweight champion. I know I have a long road ahead of me, and despite my reputation. I'm the new kid at school who has to prove himself all over again. I know what is needed do be done and what it takes. Now all I gotta do is keep my nose clean and continue to score out names on the list. You're only as good as your last opponent and after tonight. I'll be that one step closer to grabbing the ultimate prize, the world heavyweight championship.

    *The Scat turns back, puts his head down. and continues to say "I want it, they need it. I stay on it, it's no secret" over and over. The camera zooms out and fades to black ending the video package*

    end of segment
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