Former Announcer Says WWE Wants To Get Rid Of Randy Orton 'Permanently'

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Jun 9, 2012.

  2. Hopefully this isn't true.

    Orton's become really good in the ring and I think just needs a heel turn to make him more interesting.

    Also I don't really wanna see a man lose his job either over a 2nd violation and not a 3rd :/
  3. His absence wouldn't really be a big blow to WWE in any real way. Batista's departure wasn't back in 2010, and neither would Orton's be. Not that it will happen.
  4. WWE and I have this in common. Let's make it happen.
  5. Won't happen. If he gets a third strike he'll be fired and back in a year.
  6. The one thing I try to stay optimistic about and you have to be the pessimistic asshole :tough:
  7. Its not gonna happen but i wish it would, he comes across as a right ar** hole in interviews, hes really boring anyway.
  8. Lmao sorry. HE'S GETTING FIRED BABY WOO. :win:
  9. I don't think they'll fire Orton, but who knows... he is boring as a face and doesn't draw. I'll just and see.
  10. It would be a waste to fire orton. If you're going to fire him anyway, at least bring him back and experiment with a different character first. give him a good heel gimick. the fans will love it. if not, then just fire him like they were going to do anyway.
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  11. Fuck a new gimmick, just bring him back to job to guys like Dolph, Rhodes, ect.

    Then have Johnny Ace publicly humiliate him worse than he did Big Show but have it end with a legitimate firing. I would never diss WWE again
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  12. Looking at the source - Mark Madden... :hmm:

    Come again? The who? GTHO. [​IMG]
  13. Dolph's is such an Orton mark. I just want to know where he is in WWE to make that statement. To generalize for the company, you should hold a pretty decent position of power.
  14. Heel Orton or GTFO

  15. :win:
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  16. WWE has invested waaay too much in him to fire him just like that.
  17. lol @ Vince thinking he can make a star out of anyone.
  18. I know right.
  19. No comment. :(( Just sad.
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