Former NXT Rookie Jacob Novak Talks About His Release, "Tiny" WWE Pay

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  1. He hopes to get re-signed...

    Former WWE NXT Rookie Jacob Novak had an interview with Hawkeye News about his release and pay from WWE.

    He said a hip injury lead to him being cut from the show. He said he didn't know how long rehab would take, so WWE released him. He is now looking at international wrestling options but is hoping to be re-signed by WWE now that he's healthy again.

    He also talked about the pay structure of FCW, which is "basics and an opportunity." Novak said: "Wrestlers get paid way less than people think. I started out making only 500 dollars a week for the FCW. It's just kind of weird to have thousands and thousands of Twitter followers, and to get fan mail daily, yet receive tiny paychecks."


    Pretty interesting to hear how much the guys make when they're starting out.
  2. $500 a week? Damn, that's so low.
  3. I assume you'd have a side job aswell? If not then I guess you can add that to your wrestling dues.:pity:
  4. It's more than the most indies though.
  5. 500 a week. Imo that's pretty good.
    That's 2000 a month, a side job is not needed then, right?
  6. He could make money by advertising/monetizing with his twitter followers. :otunga:
  7. Well... I guess for one person it really isn't that bad. I get what Jacob was saying though. When you are part of the FCW roster, you have a WWE contract. That's something to brag about, even if you stick around development for a while. I'd expect bigger pay for being a potential WWE superstar. How do they expect you to pay rent, eat healthy, and afford a gym membership on that? Insanity, especially for the results that Vince expects.
  8. I think they get access to the gym as part of the training product not to mention they're being trained and wresting a great deal. 2 grand for rent and food is manageable.
  9. With that in mind it is. Seemed far fetched if they needed to pay for extras on only $500. Plenty of food and comfort for 1 with those accommodations, though.
  10. If you live by yourself, which he likely does because he's young, 500$ a week is good.
  11. Pretty good apartment in Tampa: $325 a month.
    Gym: Lifestyle Family Fitness in Tampa 22 minutes drive from the apartment. Full membership $70 a month.
    Food: Let's say $150 a month.

    = $545 a month.
    = $1455 to spend.

    I'll sign for it right away.
  12. WOW! To my young adult mind that seems like a lot. I'll sign too.
  13. Is this sarcasm?
  14. My plan would be to have a good side job that gives already good pay to help me with my needs in order to take care of myself and enroll in wrestling class and once I get paid there I would start making money but once I'm signed to a big company depending on what I get I will quit my side job.
  15. No, lol. It actually does sound like a lot for me. I have no experience in the work force yet, so I'd love to get that monthly.
  16. That's what I thought. When I was searching for apartments and gym's in Tampa, I was like: Can I book this right away or what?
    Looks very good to do all of that there.
    Nuff to spend, just don't know how WWE is doing it with cars for the superstars.
    See them driving in pretty big ones so don't know if they buy them their selfs.
  17. Seems too good to good to be true. I mean, if everyone could go to Tampa and get a one way ticket to WWE, why would anyone bother with indies? If I ever decide to fly down there, I'll probably have a cash advance reserved for a month's living expense.
  18. Yeah you have to be actually signed you don't just enroll in FCW and get paid.
  19. Yeah bro, if you bring like 3000 dollars saved from now on, you can do stuff over there my eyes won't believe.
    But besides the home, gym and food, there is no WWE contract with it. Just the backup.
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