News Former pro wrestlers sue WWE over claims of neurological damage

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  1. World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. is being sued by dozens of former professional wrestlers who claim that the company is responsible for neurological problems they suffer.

    The lawsuit announced Tuesday names notable wrestlers such as Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka, 73, and Paul "Mr. Wonderful" Orndorff, 66, as being among its more than 50 plaintiffs, some of whom had performed as early as the 1970s.

    It claims that the WWE and Vince McMahon, the company’s chairman and the brand’s public face, listed wrestlers as independent contractors rather than employees so they couldn’t be held liable under worker protection laws.

    Came across this while lurking through the news.
    Don't want to copy+paste the whole thing, read the rest here - Former pro wrestlers sue WWE over claims of neurological damage
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  2. Fuck Snuka.
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  3. His wife is representing him in this, apparently.
  4. The list of people involved in this suit is massive. From guys like Heidenreich to guys who literally worked under Vince Sr. Oldest guy that's part in this is 85
  5. Jimmy Snuka just basically fucked up his daughters career
  6. What career?
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  7. What a bunch of jobbers
  8. :bayley:
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    The lawsuit is a joke. WWE's lawyers will have a field day with this. The lawyer leading the charge has had several of these. You tell me that as an independent contractor you will let dudes beat the shit out of you and hit you with a chair, and then come back and try to blame WWE for making you do it? You CHOSE this career bud. You could've gotten a job as a mail clerk, but you became a pro wrestler. Jimmy Snuka jumped off cages and snorted cocaine by the bucket load... you think THAT might have contributed to his dementia? Who knows what that dude's done to himself?

    Anyway, getting off track. The entire premise that WWE is responsible for this is a joke. You can't wrestle for 30 years and then blame the company that provided you the opportunity and paid you a hefty paycheck to wrestle for letting you wrestle. Personal responsibility is a good thing.
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  10. Lmao. They'd have better luck making a quick buck chasing actual ambulances
  11. Sabu and Shane Douglas, two ECW Stars, are in the list lol
  12. You'd think that, but it's already causing hell in the NFL. Of course, the NFL contracts are quite different, but still, it's a case where "what did you expect to happen" should be a valid response. Besides, it seems like the focus of the lawsuit is the "independent contractor" policy. It'll be hard for the WWE to deny that the policy is in place to avoid being responsible for the wrestlers' well-being, since that's exactly why they hire people that way.
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  13. Shane Douglas had 2 stints in the WWE, and Sabu had 1 stint in WWE.

    Also, this case will go to nothing but loss for the people involved. Many of them, if not already, will be blackballed from the WWE. And WWE has these guys listed as Independent Contractors, something that these guys, agreed to.
  14. yea I know that but you would think major stars from the most dangerous company in the 90's would not be blaming WWE for Neurological damage.
  15. Thing is. This is the largest lawsuit of this kind against WWE. IF it turns out that this is the right amount of people to make it count as a class action lawsuit. The whole "independent contractor" bit goes out the window. WWE already does enough stuff for the independent contractor part to be in all but name. If this goes class action any competent lawyer would have a field day with it
  16. Lol fuck these 50 plaintiffs and their bs. You are responsible and accountable for your actions. If they didn't like it, they should've tried another career or company. Stupid lawsuit. WWE is doing what they have always done... Sure, They're not perfect, but they in no way forced anyone to do anything lol
  17. Saying that WWE has never forced anyone to do anything is probably pretty naive.

    All in on people going at WWE for stuff like this. Vince has gotten away with stuff like this far too many times. Even if they don't win the case it should push WWE towards furthering and improving on their employee benefits and medical programs
  18. I just can't see this going anywhere. Obviously some of the 50+ wrestlers are just looking for some money. Also, didn't Billy Graham sign a legends contract less than a year ago?
  19. You're for having guys that usually make millions or hundreds of thousands of dollars get treated a little better with benefits? Like 50 guys out of no where file lawsuits? They're contractors and that's how shit usually works with contractors. I'm not saying WWE couldn't maybe help them get a discount on their insurance or anything, but to say that WWE should change its ways and provide all these things for all their stars, etc., is a little silly.

    Setting The Record Straight

    It's not naive.... WWE doesn't own anyone. They simply dictate their careers, because their character is a product of WWE. That makes total sense. They don't force anyone to do anything. You can quit a job whenever. Take some accountability, don't always blame "the man."
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