Former talent shits on Demott

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Stopspot, Jun 25, 2013.

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  1. Wrestlinginc

    Nothing new. With so many former talents shitting on Demott it is a miracle he still has a job.
  2. Who's Derek?
  3. Read the full interview. Derek is his real name, he worked under another name in FCW/NXT
  4. Damn I hate that man. Seems like the biggest asshole.
  5. Hugh Morris >

    Let the man be, he's cool.
  6. He's obviously doing something wrong if there are so many complaints about him. This is the same guy who forced new wrestlers down in FCW/OVW to wrestle naked and made a girl during the last tough enough run an obstacle course when she was obviously completely winded and possibly had a bad sprain or even a broken ankle.

    The job of a wrestling trainer is to train, teach and be a mentor to the young boys and girls. If all these accusations about DeMott are true then he is promoting all the wrong values and shouldn't be in a position to teach. Yes wrestling is a hierarchical business and hazing is customary towards new guys but what DeMott is accused of doing isn't hazing.

  7. Don't get me wrong, but wrestling naked could be a good way to get comfortable in a ring with other talent.
  8. But if people aren't comfortable with it should they be forced to go through with it?

    DeMott has so many accusations thrown towards him and so much controversy from his time running training when WWE used DSW as their developmental territory that I can easily see a lot of it being true. WWE should have a mentor in charge of training new talent, not a bully.

  9. I get what you're saying. I'll ring him up.
  10. Didn't Hulk's trainer break his leg before he started? I suppose it can be twisted as showing the guys this shit isn't easy. The naked thing is odd though, imagine going for a leapfrog :silva:
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  11. From the tweets and such I have read about Demott (a lot of them from the Kevin Matthews lawsuit towards him) he tried breaking one of the spirit squad guys ankle for just not liking the kid. I personally believe there is a difference between stiffing scrubs to teach them respect for the business and being an unsafe trainer. Demott was unsafe during his in ring career as well so I can easily see him just not knowing what he is doing. He also got one of Cena's personal strength coaches fired after he called him out on being to brutal on the students if reports are to be believed.

  12. If that's true then yeah he sucks dong. I agree there is a difference, just trying to justify his actions to an extent.
  13. Sadly I cannot confirm if some of these things are true since most of these accusations are thrown at him via the internet by former WWE developmental wrestlers. Dr. Tom Pritchard is also very critical off him, Pritchard was the guy he replaced as head trainer at FCW. But considering the amount of shit thrown at him there has to be some truth to it, otherwise why throw all the dirt? Also the tough enough situation was caught on tape.
  14. I thought he came off as an asshole on that show with SCSA
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  15. Just sign Davey Richards and have him train everyone
  16. And get a generation of Kyle O'Reillys?

  17. Better than a generation of Sheamuses? Sheamus'? Sheamooses?
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  18. Kyle now and Kyle 2007ish is okay. But Kyle after he was trained by Davey was a dick if the internet is to be believed. No selling, stiff etc. Davey is a good wrestler. But I don't think he'd work as a trainer.
  19. It is really surprising he still has a job, I mean, all these accusations can't just simply go past HHH and Steph without being addressed.

  20. I only posted cause I wanted to type Sheamooses, thanks for ruining my fun with your Swedish seriousness :sad1:
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