News Former TNA Champion Ken Shamrock Open to Return

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  1. In an interview with WGD Weekly, Ken Shamrock (49 years old) revealed that he is interested in returning to pro wrestling for either TNA or WWE.

    On being the first NWA/TNA World Champion:
    "I was first approached by Jeff Jarrett. Because of the success happening in the UFC and MMA world, they wanted to try and bring that edge over to their organization, Total Nonstop Action. So they brought me in and they put the strap on me. The problem we ran into was that because I was training for fights, it was difficult for me to make all the shows. That was the downfall for me and TNA. I just wasn’t available to them like I should have been. I really thought it was a great fit and we could have done a lot of things, but unfortunately it was bad timing."

    On a potential return to TNA:
    "I am very open to that. With TNA, in the short time I was there, I didn’t have the time that I needed to work there. Now I have that time and I'm in great shape. I’m probably in better shape than I was back then because now I basically lift weights and do a lot of cardio. I don’t need to worry about keeping my size down for fighting because I'm not fighting. So yeah, I'm pretty much open for getting back. I just haven't had anybody reach out. I'm done fighting pretty much and I would love to get back into pro wrestling and do some stuff there."

    Looking to TNA's past is a bad idea. They need to be focusing on guys who will be there for the long term future of TNA, not guys like Shamrock.

    And, yes, I'm afraid that goes for Sting, too.

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  3. I would appreciate him doing the one night thing, or even one match or two since he's the 1st ever TNA Champion, but full time? Gotta be fuckin kiddin me.
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  4. I'd be all for that, honestly. He's not like a Rampage or Tito Ortiz, he can actually wrestle if needed. I wouldn't mind seeing him mixed up in a feud or something but end up only having a match or two.
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  5. Shamrock vs Angle over who does a better ankle lock.

    I do not want anymore past it people in TNA personally.
  6. Shamrock vs Angle or Shamrock vs Joe.....One Time only match at a PPV.....
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  7. Depends, if he puts over a couple of new guys then I don't see why not. He was in WWE, and the first TNA champion, it could make anybody new look good.
  8. If he's in shape and puts someone over, why not? Always good to have some nostalgia and history around.
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  9. I'll be completely honest. I wasn't watching TNA when he was there as the first TNA Champion. I only remember his WWE days (and, of course, his MMA time). I just never have been a big fan.

    Having said that, if they book it right, and he comes in and can work and put some guys over (or even one guy), why not? Wouldn't be my first choice, but they could do a lot worse.

  10. Ken Shamrock putting over Bobby Roode would do wonders for the already great Bobby Roode.
  11. He could come back to put someone over. Apparently he's really trying to get back into WWE too. I don't think he'll get a full time job in either because of his age but one match or two wouldn't hurt.
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