Former TNA Knockout drops 100 Lbs, plans to return

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  1. Former TNA Knockout 'Rosie Lottalove' who had retired 2 years ago as an outcome of an injury she had suffered has dropped some weight.. no rather a Lottaweight.. She is currently 100 lbs lighter than when she was with TNA prior to temporarily retiring. Now that the weight is off she is looking to return to a pro wrestling lifestyle.. She will be under a new name 'Andrea` , which was given to her in Japan because she was 6'1 and they believe she resembled a female 'Andre the Giant' .. I have to say this is a story of going from obnoxious to complete hotness..

  2. All you can really say is wow! Good for her!
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  3. I'd do her :emoji_wink:.

    No but seriously that is a tremendous transformation in 2 years and she did it the right way by losing it at a healthy pace and not getting too thin too quick.
  4. She was in TNA? Didn't know her. But it's pretty good to drop all that weight.
  5. Yeah not for long pretty much just half of the 2010 TNA season.
  6. Wow! Nice transformation, honestly. :fap:
  7. I liked her better before.
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  8. Wow, that's actually pretty awesome. But can she really wrestle, though? I've never seen her, but if she can, go for it TNA.
  9. well she is female so chances are she is no Steamboat
  10. :ambrose:Uhh, well, she could be a Paige? :emoji_grin:
  11. Let's be honest. If Paige were a male wrestler she would be the worst on the roster.
  12. Worse than El Dorito and Hornyswoggle?
  13. If El Dorito is the bull then definitely, he does some badass shit. Hornswoggle isn't a wrestler
  14. still got them titties and that's all that really matters
  15. [​IMG]
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  16. We got us some misogynists in here.

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