Former TNA Star Backstage At WWE No Way Out PPV

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Donald Trump_, Jun 17, 2012.

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  2. Red's incredible in between the ropes.
  3. Huh. Interesting.

    I wonder if he's trying to be in that new "Cruiserweights" show on the WWE Network which may or may not be coming.
  4. Amazing Red is a great ring worker. I would mark a bit if he was signed and not turned into a jobber
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  5. Just about to post this -.-
  6. Just struck me....Are they feeding Red to Ryback? :booker:
  7. I hope not, Red's a phenomenal worker. Too good to job to Ryberg in a squash. If it's competitive then sure.
  8. Damn, all the smarks will instantly hate Ryback. I'll be alone.
  9. Does anyone care for red beyond me lol?
  10. I care bro. I care :burns:
  11. Oh you better believe it.
  12. Dont worry, ill still be here, just us two, we can have parties and play hide and seek together :alone:
  13. And me.
  14. Looks like WWE are gonna take another shot at TNA if this guy appears at no way out
  15. How is it a shot? People change companies all the time.
  16. Jobber for Ryback seems possible.
  17. Red is fantastic!!! Push this man!

  18. I talk to him on twitter quite a bit, and he is on my bucketlist for wrestler's I wanna see live.
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