Former TNA Star Endorses Magnus

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  1. In an interview with V2 Wrestling, Nigel McGuinness (aka Desmond Wolfe) spoke highly of Magnus' recent success in TNA.

    "I’m really happy for him; he’s earned everything he’s got. I think I read that he just re-signed or something like that. One of the biggest disappointments in my career was not being able to pursue that tag team with him. I think we were just starting to get things running and doing really well, and then the whole Hepatitis thing happened and that was the end of it. But Nick, I’ve always liked him. I think he has that sort of larger-than-life personality. When he walks into a room, he’s the center of attention. That’s the sort of personality you need to really draw money and I’m hoping TNA can do that with him."

    Damn, I miss the London Brawling days.
  2. Pretty interesting coming from DESMOND WOLF! Rofl But--In all seriousness for him to "endorse" him like that-----shows what magnus offers and is to the business right now being that popular can bring other open sounds from around the industry. cool beans

    :sandow: "You're Welcome" {Thanks Damion}
  3. Pretty nice, I've only ever seen that 3 stages of hell match between Desmond and Kurt Angle, and damn he was good. I'd be up for him coming back to TNA to manage Magnus, be that non-wrestling rival and make him more relevant than the MEM ever could.
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