Former TNA wrestler has reportedly signed with WWE

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. Please Hunter treat him right.

  2. Great pickup for sure.
  3. Shelley will make a great addition to WWE... I wish they would have signed Morgan though.
  4. I don't know much about Shelley because I only recently started watching iMPACT, Is he the one who teamed with Sabin?
  5. Should have worked a few tours in Japan IMO, they won't use him properly. However he's like a slighty lower version of A Double IMO, a great in ring guy who plays the cocky shit on the mic well.
  6. You seriously don't think Morgan isn't signed?

    You are no Sherlock Holmes
  7. I have doubts about how they'll use him. Just going to have to wait and see. Congratulations for him I guess.
  8. How credible is the source?
  9. Thinking the same thing.
  10. I only check a couple of dirt sheets, so I'm not sure about most that's all.
  11. Alex Shelley can definitely add some nice feul to that tag Division, great signing for WWE.
  12. I hope it's true, that would be awesome. I love Alex Shelley
  13. Just seem some clips on YouTube I agree
  14. i never know who any of these people are. hopefully they will be a good addition
  15. Take a look on youtube, I did he seem's alright.
  16. He's a great worker, I'm sure he'll turn out fine in WWE if they use him correctly.
  17. He's seem's like a good speaking, very cocky on the mic isn't he! :otunga:
  18. I have faith in HHH to use him properly. #TeamOptimism
  19. I have faith in you, for having faith in Triple H. #TeamDoubleOptimism
  20. Waste of Shellys time. Hopefully he at least makes bank. Can't wait to see his new FCW name and gimmick. My guess is they will make him a mentally unstable mechanic jobber who's name is Earl Tratford
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