News Former TNA/WWE Wrestler to return at May tapings?

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  1. Looks like 'The Pope' may be returning to TNA after a little over a year and a half since his last contract expired in 2013.

    The Pope had this to say on Twitter in a response to Robbie E's "ugh you would!!!".
  2. Josh and Taz gun be like 'My God, what's Elijah Burke doing in the Impact Zone?!'
  3. Unlikely considering D'Angelo Dinero was his gimmick during his previous TNA run.

    But I see what you were trying to go with.
  4. All about the Harlem Street Preacher gimmick, he was fairly entertaining during his last run, TNA could use a splash of his flavor during this time.
  5. Okada's idol is back! Remember when TNA A-listers dubbed him as the next ROCK back in 2010? And Mr. Anus was supposed to be their Stone Cold with all the not-edgy kewl promos? Good times. Now I wanna d/l TNA 2010 pack. Abyss-a-mania! Other company Hall of Fame rings! AJ Flair! Daniels jobbing to Val Venis on a pay-per-view one month after headlining Final Resolution with AJ! Turns! Turns everywhere! And more turns!
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