News Former "World Champion" Returns This Thursday on IMPACT

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  1. Who is it?

    - TNA founder Jeff Jarrett?
    - First TNA champion Ken Shamrock?
    - Rhino?
    - Mick Foley?
    - Raven?

    Thankfully, RVD and R-Truth are in WWE, so they ain't coming back.
    Christian Cage is in WWE too.

    My guess is it's Shamrock.
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  2. I can see this being Dixie kissing up to AJ, trying to get him to come back, only for AJ to blow her off via satelite to further their program.
    I'd enjoy Jarrett coming back in some form of comish role.
  3. Also just to scare @Testify RVD isn't under WWE contract. His expired at night of champions and he hasn't signed a new one (yet).
  4. Since Abyss recently returned and that Truth,and Christian are with the WWE my only plausible guesses would be Jarrett,Rhino,or, Shamrock.
  5. I Hope it's Shamrock.....I Hope this doesn't turn out to be a terrible World Champion......Jarret is my Bet though, seeing as He is the most logical to bring back to TNA. Rhino is also a Nice Bet.....
  6. You don't scare me, I read some shit and have a credible source that confirmed me BVD is WWE's wrestler for RR or WM program. :jericho:
  7. Dixie says he's one of the greatest of all time...

    Gotta be Ric Flair.

  8. Question here is where do we draw the line for "World champion"? Just at TNA? Or do we also open up for former world champs in general, which would also give us WWE, WCW, ECW, WWECW, NWA etc etc etc and give us a lot of more possibilities.
  9. Pardon me while I muster up some excitement for a "big earth shattering announcement from Dixie Carter"...
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  10. Cosigned in triplicate.
  11. If it's Jarrett I mark. Actually any of those you listed I'd be happy with. Like Rain said though, it's a Dixie/TNA announcement, could just be a let down.
  12. David Arquette
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  13. I'll come clean. It's me.
  14. DDP.

    Dixie posted a photo of her in a DDP Yoga t-shirt.
  15. "Impact fans, I have a very special surprise for you... A man who once defeated his brother in the backyard on a trampoline..."
  16. we didn't have a trampoline
  17. Welp, that was another waste of time. See ya next time you promise something big, Dixie! :otunga:
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  18. This is why I cant get excited for TNA Surprises anymore :upset:
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