News Former World Champion to be announced for HOF on Monday

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  2. I'm going with Nash as well.
  3. My moneh is on Nash, too. But don't be surprised if they induct him as Diesel, just like they did with Razor Ramon.
  4. I thought they already announced Nash was getting in. Anyway, his speech will be the best of the night. He and Savage are great, the rest of the class looks weak.
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  5. Nah not official yet, heavily speculated tho!
  6. I agree whole heartedly. The Bushwhackers makes no sense at all being that although they were popular for a couple years, they barely ever won a match and never held a major title. Seems like there are dozens of tag teams that deserve it more. I personally like Rikishi a lot, but far more deserving guys should be ahead of him in line.

    But undoubtedly Nash, whether he be Diesel or Nash, and Savage are no brainers. Two of the greats and I agree, Nash's acceptance speech will be far and away the best of the night.
  7. Nash/Diesel does make sense.

    I too was wondering why The Bushwhackers would be inducted, but in the segment that was shown they revealed that they had won a great deal of tag titles and accolades in other promotions all over the world, if I am remembering right. I supposed that they were being inducted now just as a show of respect for their entire body of work in and outside of WWE. That and you really have to put somebody in, and after Drew Carey, I really can't argue with anyone that gets in at this point.
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    Oh yeah, they definitely had success in other promotions and the WWE Hall of Fame does seem to cover all of the promotions of which WWE currently holds the trademarks too.

    Still, the Bushwhackers are getting in before Demolition, the Hart Foundation, the New Age Outlaws, the Midnight Express, the Rockers, the Outsiders, the Freebirds, the Rock N Roll Express, Dick the Bruiser and the Crusher, the Minnesota Wrecking Crew, the British Bulldogs, Harlem Heat, the Steiner Brothers, the Hardy Boyz, the Dudley Boyz....

    I actually have nothing against the Bushwhackers. They were around when I was a teenager so I have some fond memories of them. It just seems odd that with all of the tag teams not inducted yet, they were chosen first. Just seems weird.
  9. That is a valid point, especially when you consider that we are looking at it from the view of being fans. But one thing I would say is that we must remember that WWE is first and foremost a business, and as such it makes the decisions that it does with the bottom line in mind. There could be reasons, financial and otherwise, that are discussed behind the scenes that effect who "gets in" to the HoF of a "sport" that exists for the entertainment of its viewers and the pockets of its shareholders. There is also politics to consider, of course. As well as the out of the ring, personal transgressions of those who might have been considered.
  10. I was sort of with you at first, but disagree with your reasoning. Being a fan of wrestling doesn't in anyway make my opinion or viewpoint less knowledgeable or less valid. I certainly know a lot about what goes on behind the scenes in wrestling. I don't discuss it much but I have had some past Simply because the WWE is the business and their first priority is making money and putting money into the pockets of shareholders doesn't in any way mean that their reasoning is any more sound than mine or the reasoning of any fan. That sort of thinking is very much an appeal to accomplishment and appeal to authority.

    When you begin to accept the decisions made by a business simply because they are a business, then you basically write them a blank check to do whatever they want to. Fans, in fact, are the ones who put money into the pockets of the business. Without us, there is no WWE. Without our money, the shareholders get nothing. Therefore, we have the first duty to question that which we disagree with and laud that which we agree with. The opinion and viewpoint of the fans is the number one factor in an entertainment business if it wants to succeed and therefore our understanding and criticism is of utmost importance.

    The WWE Hall of Fame is for the wrestlers, of course, but it is also there for the entertainment of the WWE fans. Thus, since fame is gained through not only accomplishment, but adulation of your fanbase, the inductees into a Hall of Fame should make sense to the fans who are meant to be entertained by it.

    There could be tons of reasons why WWE has made this decision. But the validity of those reasons isn't strengthened simply because they are reasons made by the business and not by the fans.
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  11. I wasn't saying your viewpoint was less valid or anything because you are a fan. What I meant is that some things just are what they are. And often what those things are is out of our control because the people who run the business will do it the way they want because it is their business. That doesn't make the decisions right, I get that. I just choose not to get worked up over them in the end.
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  13. That's fine and I'm not worked up over it either. I rarely get worked up over much, but this a wrestling forum and it would be pretty boring if we didn't talk about the things we don't agree it. You did come out and say the viewpoint was valid from the viewpoint of looking at it as fAns. The logical implication is that the inverse is invalid, which is why I came to that conclusion.

    I understand that sometimes when I discuss things on this forum, I might seem to be worked up or accusatory, but I'm not :emoji_slight_smile: I just like a good discussion.

    On a separate note, congratulations to the living legend. I was expecting Nash, and hoping for him for the sake of the acceptance speech. But Larry Zbysko definitely is a deserving entry into the Hall.
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  14. It's all good.
  15. Yeah... Kevin Nash