Former World Heavyweight Champion is all set to make a Big Return to WWE

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by shrayan, Apr 19, 2013.

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  1. According to latest news from Bleacher Report and other sites as well(it's not a rumor) , a former world heavyweight champion is all set to make his big return to WWE after a long break of almost three years.
    In recent times, forced to shed a lot of weight in order to focus on his MMA career . He also tried his hand at acting in those years.But now the Pro- Wrestler turned MMA fighter , nicknamed ''The Animal'' , is reportedly spending a lot of time in the gym in order to get back to the shape , he was in during his pro-wrestling days. Need I say more about him?
    Dave Batista is fast approaching his 290-pound frame which made him one of the powerhouses of WWE just to return to the company as soon as possible.He is also having a makeover that will make him look exactly like he was, as he flaunted a different look during his MMA days.

    In an earlier interview , when questioned about his return to the squared circle , Dave said that, he will ''definitely return'' to the company and that he is ''looking forward'' to do it as soon as possible.He also said in the same that, it'll be ''awesome to work with Brock(Lesnar)''.
    Batista apparently quit WWE in mid-2010 after he lost a match with John Cena for the WWE Title.After that he never looked back until now.

    Very recently there were rumors that, the actual reason for him to quit WWE was because of his demand for more money.
    Once, when questioned about his decision to quit he said that, after WWE became PG things got more and more ''kid-friendly'' each passing day and that, he quit because there is ''absolutely nothing kid-friendly abour Dave Batista''.
    Before he quit the company he was working as the top heel at that tome and was a six time world champion.
    Some say that, if he sighns a contract with WWE , he will be paid a lot more than earlier and that he will have limited number of appearances on his contract, just like other part-timers such as Brock Lesnar and The Rock do.

    Batista's last Wrestlemania was WM 26 , in the main event of which he lost to John Cena for the WWE Title.
    His last pay per view was Over The Limit(2010), in which he lost to Cena in an ''I Quit'' match, after which he decided to quit WWE on raw.

    I've made this article from various sources and here's one:

    What's your thought on Dave's big return and what are his possible feuds according to you?
  2. I'm only interested if he returns full time. I don't care for another part timer who pops in and out whenever it's convenient for them.

    I wouldn't mind a Lesnar/Batista feud and match at Summerslam or something (it could branch off from the Brock/HHH feud, considering Batista used to be good friends with Triple H.)
  3. Wouldn't mind it if they used him properly. Which probably won't happen. And he'll be part time. So fuck this.
  4. dave i 40+ and one of the top guys of this company. so he will be used as a part timer also i'm enouraging his comeback. but i don't think in anyway wwe will let him be a full timer...................still, excited about a hhh vs batista match at wm 30
  5. Wouldn't mind if he got his ass kicked and made humble.
  6. If he a part time he will not draw! He may if he comes back full time or aless the way Y2J does it were it kind of full time but not really full time.
  7. Meh. I wouldn't be a fan of this at all tbh. Batista was fine and all, but he's nowhere near as mark worthy as Rock/Brock. He'd just be taking someone else's spot.
  8. Batista/Cesaro please..
  9. I'd love to stay positive on this, but he'll probably just be a part timer who shows up every now and then to beat young talent or work with other part timers/established stars while not putting anyone over, so I'd have to say no.
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  10. Batista was one of my favorites and I hope he comes back as a face and i think Brock Lesnar would be a good rival for him
  11. wwe is bringing him back for more star power on tv. again a batista-hhh main event will bring good money and ratings.
  12. It would probally draw to some Ruthless Aggression era fans, but not as much as Lesnar/HHH or Rock/HHH would. I doubt that they would bring Batista back for that reason, because he doesn't really draw that much.
  13. ''doesn't draw that much'' ? dude, it's batista you're talkng about
  14. If I go to my mother and say, "Hey Batista is on Raw" she wouldn't know who he is. If I told my mother The Rock or Brock Lesnar was on Raw, first off she would be starring at The Rock's body, second she would know who they are. I know plenty and plenty of wrestling fans, and few were Batista fans, but not all of them cared to much for him to actually watch again if he came back part time.
  15. i know batista's not a huge star as rock or like lesnar. but u have 2 agree he does have that star power that wwe needs right noe. look at the undertaker . he only wrestles once a year. but not this year .............this yr he will be seen on raw for quite a few weeks....................he may even perform on raw..................why? coz wwe right now needs and i mean truely needs star power on tv. so i guess a batista come back would draw as much as it id when brock came back last year. also he fa want something like this for almost 3 yrs
  16. Umm no. Undertaker is a legend, Batista is not anywhere near there. Who really stopped watching WWE because Batista left. Batista doesn't really have star level. He may have a little, but he's not a big deal. I don't think WWE needs him at all, in matter of fact I think HE needs WWE, because between his MMA and movie, he hasn't achieved much at all, if anything(besides a stupid hair style). And no, Brock has a bunch of UFC fans to back him up, Batista may draw slightly, but not anywhere close to what Lesnar can draw.
  17. nobody stopped watching wwe coz batista left, HELL, nobody stopped watching it when brock and goldberg left.................or even when hbk retired.if taker retires nobody will stop watching it even then. it's about's all about the fact that wwe needs someting(i don't know what exactly) that will ''work''. moreover i don,t think batista even needs that star power to make wwe more exciting. his return must be solid.
  18. I actually do know people that watch it when HBK returns, and people do start watching it for Lesnar, same as some people for Undertaker. WWE doesn't need Batista, he needs I said before. His return may be good, but he really isn't going to fit anywhere besides jobbing to Cena for the world championship, or perhaps a HHH/Batista feud, which I will kill myself if I have to see Hunter in another match.
  19. what's with seeing hunter in another match.....................after his match with lesnar at wm 29 he deserves another one at wm 30.................and i hope he will retire forever after that match but he will definitely wrestle again at least at wm 30
    although ur ri8 about him needingwwe more than wwe needing him
  20. Why does he need one at 30?
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