Former writer discusses WWE "Castrating" babyfaces

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  1. Former creative team member John Piermarini was interviewed on Wade Keller (PWTorch)'s Interview Friday and gave a very informative response to a caller who asked what so many of us have asked:

    When a heel gets over, has a well developed character with quirks and traits that got him over, why can't they leave those traits intact when turning him babyface instead of castrating him?

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  2. It's like Steve Austin, The Rock, D-Generation X, and others never existed.
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  3. Agree 100% with everything he says.
  4. You know better than I do, Lock, that Vince won't change his mind unless he is forced to.
    Rocky Maivia was booked to be the way Cena is now (Rock even alluded to this on live TV during RAW)... back in '96.
    The format from 83-97 and from 06-today is the format Vince is comfortable with

    Until he begins losing business and has legit competition and doesn't have to please sponsors..the format isn't changing
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  5. So basically, fu Vince!
  6. I can't see how Vince doesn't realize that edgy babyfaces gets over really quickly with both the smarks and the "regular" wwe fans. It worked with DX, Stone cold, and more recently with Cm Punk(early face turn) and the shield. Jeez, just give babyfaces some personality already
  7. They cut off their
    Balls???? Wufff
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  8. It's funny that I read this while WWE pushes a young talent like Bo Dallas, who is so obviously purposefully a heel that thinks he's a babyface. It's almost like the creative team is pushing this character (yes, I'm aware it's the same gimmick he used in NXT...maybe when I write "creative team", I should write "HHH") as a way to show Vince that the over-the-top, histrionic babyface doesn't get over with crowds.

    Of course, I also think that Bo will eventually get a positive reaction from some of the audience (particularly the type that enjoy his wrestling style and "gets the joke").

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  9. The guy is 100% right Vince and his yes men have no idea
  10. Already figured this out anyways lol. Nice to see someone "confirm" it I suppose.
  11. mr mcmahon doesnt have a soul
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