Former WWE creative member says WWE is filled with racism, sexism, and homophobia.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Jun 6, 2013.

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  2. Typical U.S.A Republican idiocy from the McMahon family, doesn't shock me one bit!
  3. :youdontsay:

    So what? It doesn't matter, we've known this for quite some time.
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  4. This all seems rather obvious. The only way it's going to change is when Vince is gone and I'm sure that won't be for quite a while lol.
  5. Cba to read the whole interview to see what he said about sexism right now, but yeah, seems pretty obvious.
  6. Clicked on this thread hoping for something to rage at, but it's kind of a let down for such a juicy title lol.
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  7. I wouldn't expect any real changes when Vince is gone as far as this is concerned. Triple H and Stephanie are hugely involved in the creative process and likely have a huge influence and share similar philosophies to Vince anyway. But to respond to the claims;

    Racism? WWE has made more minorities champions and stars than any other North American wrestling promotion that I see. Mark Henry didn't end the streak because he would have been a terrible choice to do so, not to mention how underwhelming it would have been to end it in a casket match (you put Taker in a box and close the lid on the casket and just like that, the streak is over?) I've never seen Kofi Kingston as anything but upper-mid card. What other examples? I'm sure there might have been a writer or two that might have harbored racist feelings but considering all ideas have to pass through Vince/Stephanie/Triple H, that sort of bigotry couldn't possibly fly unless they wanted it to. As far as the top stars go, I say look at The Rock. Part Samoan, part black (all man, of course), and he didn't do too bad for himself as it relates to his WWE career.

    I know WWE can be excused of xenophobia to an extent but even then, I'm not sure there's some deep underlying racism.

    I didn't read the whole article (the link on the right leads me to nowhere) but I assume Court Bauer's claims of sexism are like his claims of homophobia, something that mainly occurs backstage (probably involving sexual harassment.)
  8. I'm not saying that it's hard for african american wrestlers to get put over, but cmon KOFI KINGSTON! Dude has everything you could ask for in the ring, but i URGE you to find me one DECENT promo he's given EVER. As for the homophobia, i can't speak on that.
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  9. Yeah the words FORMER MEMBER OF CREATIVE stand out for me. Sounds like billy.
  10. :dawg:Lol WWE. Fake or real, I hate the McMahon's outside their wrestling characters.
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