Spoiler Former WWE Intercontinental Champion Makes TNA Impact Wrestling Debut

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  1. Former WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre (Drew Galloway) made his TNA debut at tonight's Impact Wrestling tapings in Glasgow, Scotland.

    After the main event of Al Snow vs. Grado from British Bootcamp, The BDC came out and attacked Grado. This led to Galloway coming out to a huge pop and making the save for Grado.

    The debut should air on the February 20th Impact episode.


    This actually sounds fucking awesome.
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    Sweet, I love this guy! Hopefully he's gonna be utilized well.
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  3. Nice! about time. Wonder if he uses the 3MB song XD
  4. The 3MB theme song. LOL

    Nah, he'll be a major player in TNA, or at least I'm expecting him to be. Don't mess it up, TNA.
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  5. Wouldn't it be funny as fuck if he just did that though? sad but funny :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    And yeah I hope they use him well, he was the only one out of 3MB that I actually liked to watch. X div champion perhaps? WHC down the line?
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  6. Oh god no. He was shining platinum on the indies. I really hope it's a short term deal, as much as I want to see Galloway make it big, it isn't the greatest of times.
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  7. It'd be funny, but WWE just loves to copyright everything.

    One step at a time, so yes. What you said, X-Division followed by a WHC run. That'd be awesome!
  8. It's about fucking time. TNA has really been using WWE talent well the past few years, i'm looking forward to this.
  9. Sounds great, maybe Justin Gabriel next? TNA getting more wrestlers in can only help, and Drew looks like he'll be a solid addition to the team.
  10. Shame.
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  11. Zack Ryder next.
  12. Good. 'cause if he ends up in TNA, at least he'll be doing something useful there.
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  13. As if he could become more obscure.

    Ryder with the TNA effect would equal people thinking he's dead
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  14. Someone text stopspot and tell them deth hacked his account
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  15. It's not like TNA doesn't have talent already they just don't know how to use them.
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  16. "former WWE" is all I read. LEL TNA :dawg:
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  17. Zack Ryder could draw more people then anyone on that company right now.
  18. TNA is taking people that WWE don't know how to use and turning them into real TNA mainstays. Look at EC3. He's becoming a real star now, it's a shame he's got an injury, because he's on his way up. Bram's becoming his own great character in the half year that he's been here, Taryn Terrell is now a Knockouts champion, Drew Galloway will be World Heavyweight Champion soon enough and they're using MVP, Lashley and a few others so well. If Ryder joins TNA, he will most likely be very over - he's a likable guy, good wrestling skills and can speak well.
  19. Sounds like a solid taping, not a fan of the BDC but they've been using them decently since they "formed"
  20. Haven't watched an episode of impact since it went off spike, definitely going to watch this episode.
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