Former WWE star believes Cena wants Orton fired

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jun 10, 2012.

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    Bit of a stupid thing to say. All I hear now is that Randy and John are really good friends.
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  2. Don't we all want Orton fired?
  3. I also believe they're friends, so this doesn't really make sense. Plus, Cena isn't the type of guy who would want people fired in my opinion.
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  4. [​IMG]

    ?Friends, will be friends.?
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  5. Makes no sense. Doane is probably wrong.
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  6. It's guy love ???
  7. Randy looks so good in that pic. :yay:

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  8. really? people should be sent to jail for that?
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  9. lmao if they were 2 random men i saw @ a club id think they were gay. i guess now we know why cena wufe deviorce him :silva:
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  10. Kenny Dykstra who??? where is he nowadays??? how the fuck does he know Cena wants Randy fired. Cena's views on Randy have changed since he said those comments to Kenny years ago
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  11. Looks like they want to fuck each other
  12. Who wouldn't turn for Orton?
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  13. Me, he's gorgeous but his voice would annoy me too much.
  14. Come. Get. In. The. Bed. For. We. Can. have. Some. Fun. To. Night. Cena. Oh. Yeah. I'm. Sure. You. Will. Like. To. Have. This Viper. In. Your. Attitude. Adjustment. Or. Maybe. Lock. It. In. Your. STF. Baby.
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  15. Probably all straight men, I'd imagine.

    Who is this Kenny guy anyway? One of the members of the Spirit Squad? I wouldn't mind seeing Orton gone, but if their policy says you need to violate it three times before being fired, then it's only fair that they fire him when he actually violates it for the third time. Even then, they'd just rehire him a year later and he'd be back with two strikes. He is almost certainly not leaving the WWE permanently.
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  16. Tag-Raping! :emoji_slight_smile:) Don't blame me, I fangirl for the CenTon (Read: Cena/Orton Pairing)!

    Really good friends. John's the godfather of Alana. They go way back at OVW.


    IKR! :emoji_grinning:D :yay:

    Hahaha! :emoji_wink:) Let's start Randy>Liz Club!


    Some person who doesn't deserve to live.

    I agree! Randy should be given a fair amount of chances like Jeff, etc.

    UGGGGGGGG. Farooq. Come. ON. HERE. I. SEX. YOU. NAO.
  17. Yeah Kenny was in the SS, he had that awesome leg drop. Vinnie Rose uses that move now in the Federation-X :obama:


    *le orton voice

    I demand you now, seabs.. To go straight to that kitchen, over there...
    And make me a sandwitch in the most, quick, and possible way, you never, ever did.


  18. No one should care what people speculate, it has no real meaning and is just that, speculation. That picture makes Cena look like Pruane2forever.
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