Former WWE Star Says Drew McIntyre Needs ‘To Grow A Set’

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Donald Trump_, Jun 17, 2012.

  2. Highlanders owned.
  3. I hated the Highlanders but what he said was true.
  4. Drew should be higher on the card. :sad:
  5. This is what the world heavyweight title match should be:
    Drew McIntyre defending his World title against Dolph Ziggler in a ladder match
  6. No offense, but what would Rory know? Is he still with the company?

    If true (it's believable), it's a shame that politics plays so much of a role in wrestling in general. If you have someone with loads of talent, why not use him? Why would you hurt your wrestlers' drawing power, and the quality of your show, because of someone having "a bad attitude backstage"? If you're talking about how he could be doing more to improve his overall ringwork and get better on the mic instead of just happy to be there, that can be argued, but if it's just because of "his attitude"... gtfo with that shit

    Drew is way better than this. Since WWE is adamant that Randy Orton should be a face. Drew could be a wonderful replacement for him.
  7. Growing a set means burial by HHH.
  8. But what happens if you beat the shit out of Triple H when he tries to bury you? So much that he doesn't dare go near you... :obama:
  9. Like that referee that beat up HHH and DX. :BOSS:
  11. Like that retirement match for Flair. Where the loser goes to TNA. :upset:
  12. Drew does need to grow a set and stand up for himself and get himself air time instead of going along doing nothing
  13. It sounds like Drew might be in the kind of position where he doesn't speak up and play 'politics' (the good kind of politics, according to Lance Storm) and put his name out there and is instead happy and content with just having a job, like whateverhisnameis said. Val Venis used to be in the same kind of role. They refer to these people as "good hands."

    That'd be a fun match but it might draw about $2 with the casual fans.
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