News Former WWE Superstar Takes Shot At The Shield

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 21, 2013.

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  1. Or they can just spit in people's faces and call them uncool. Woo so badass :badass:
  2. [​IMG] This guy said that?
  3. Another bitter 'rassler. Lol.
  4. Their size is just fine, thank you.
  5. You will believe.
  6. Btw he meant reigns. Twice
  7. Since when has Carlito been the man with the largest arms in the world brother? Well obviously WWE loves their shape as their are Champions, not floundering in the Wrestling business like you Carlito.
  8. THE LARGEST ARMS :steiner:

    No, but seriously. I disagree with him lol, I understand recently he got off his ass and started working out and now seems to be poking fun at others as if he's still relevant. Bitter wrestler it seems like. And it's not like they even need it, at least if he was poking fun at some fatass (:steiner:) or similar.
  9. Carlito might not be buff himself, but he's not wrong.
  10. And why does he have to have to bitter? Seems like just a joke to me.
  11. It was a talent in WWE who had potential and failed in WWE?
  12. I guess one little twitter doesn't seem like a big deal deal to me. It's actually kind of funny. Almost worth a lol.
  13. Last time I saw Seth wrestle without the shield gear he was pretty cut. Lots of defined muscle. Dean as well though Dean's body type would work against him adding any more mass I fear. He is built to be lean.
  14. Considering how most predict the careers of Ambrose and Rollins to go, I'd say their size isn't an issue. No one really thinks Ambrose or Rollins are gonna be flexing their muscles for the crowd like Hulk Hogan after every match. Dean Ambrose is seen by most as more of a crazed mad man on the mic and in character (I'm sure he'll become more of this once The Shield ends.) I've always likened him to a Brian Pillman or the heel Jake Roberts (1991-1992) and a little bit of Roddy Piper. Ambrose is about as big as Piper was when Piper was drawing nuclear heat through his feud with Hulk Hogan in 1985. You know, the big match on the MTV aired special The War To Settle The Score (which had several respected musicians on-screen talking about how they felt the match would go), which was a lead in to the very first Wrestlemania main event. Seth Rollins I picture as more of a sympathetic baby face similar to Shawn Michaels, specifically the 1995-1996 HBK.
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