Former WWE Talent in talks with Boss

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by DK James, Jul 15, 2013.

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    Brb, marking out. Seriously, without typing in caps, I can't express how excited I am. Batista is still probably my #1 favorite of all time, and seeing him return even just for a short amount of time would be amazing. I don't know how I'd contain myself if I actually heard that music on RAW again.

    Fuck Bastista tbh. He was okay in his prime, but he'd offer absolutely nothing nowadays. He's not even a huge draw like Rock or Brock, so it doesn't even really make sense business wise.
  3. They've been in talks for a while now. If he did return, I'd assume during the Royal Rumble.
  4. If Batista returned as the heel he was during his last run and put young talent over, awesome.
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  5. Now that I think about it, dirtsheets are just about wrong 99% of the time. I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high but I'd still enjoy if he did return.
  6. Ewwww I hated his heel run. He'll hopefully be a face if he did return.
  7. We'll agree to disagree here then. In his last heel run imo he cut great promos and had a great character, also wrestled some nice matches vs Cena. I didn't catch much of his face run on weekly TV but I didn't really enjoy him character/promo wise.
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  8. Ah, okay understandable. Just thought his heel character was him complaining half the time in promos and I wasn't a fan of the spotlight entrance instead of the face machine gun entrance.
  9. The machine gun entrance was good, I'll give you that, just personally preferred the spotlight, mostly because for years Batista just had been that big jacked up face with not much of a character but then he turns and changes that, was pretty nice. About the complaining, he was, but I think it beat the stuff he did as a face mic-wise.
  10. His last heel run was in-fucking-credible. If he came back soon as that character and feuded and put over DB or DZ, it'd be great and put them over the top.
  11. Not surprised by another Batista return rumor, they seem to pop up every couple of months. To be honest I don't see anything coming of this nor do I want to see Batista return. Anyway isn't Batista now living in the UK with his new girlfriend?
  12. Just an update for anyone interested in Batista, he tweeted out about the rumors, this is what he said.

  13. Honestly, I've heard guys deny rumors in that style before just to throw people of the truth (Jericho's return in 2012 comes to mind.) I wouldn't put it past possibility that he actually is negotiating for a short time contract for sometime in the future.

    Batista/Brock Lesnar would be awesome. Outside of that, there's no real match ups I want to see Batista involved in. If he was able to come back for one night to team with HHH and Orton (with Flair in the corner) to do an Evolution reunion to take on The Shield at Wrestlemania, that would have been awesome. But it didn't happen and there's no desire to see the match anymore since Shield need to just keep defending the belts until they lose them and then split soon afterwards because of them losing control.
  14. I hate dirtsheets. :upset:Last time I trust them without proof.
  15. If he did return then the only entertaining thing to come from it would be my Dad making fun of him.
  16. :cry:
  17. everyone knows i am hoping for this to be true (only short term i know but still)
  18. It cant be for long as Batista is in the new Marvel film.
  19. I would only like Batista if he returned the way he was towards the end of his career
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