Former WWE Tough Enough Winner Calls Kurt Angle A Wimp

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Jose Tortilla, Jul 8, 2012.

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  2. Daniel Pruder is just calling it like it is.
  3. :badass:

    I don't care about MMA guys saying they can beat people up.
  4. Puder is a joke and an asshole. 1.) It was a worked shoot, not an actual shoot fight. 2.) They were simulating an amateur wrestling match, not a submission wrestling match. Kimuras are not a part of amateur wrestling, and if he tried snapping Kurt's arm in that type of match irl he would be disqualified. Also his shoulders were against the mat which is a no no in amateur wrestling so he got pinned.

    I say prime Angle would fuck Puder up, probably slam him on his stupid ass head.
  5. i went to post a reply and it was already posted lol
    i was watching a kurt interview about this... he said he met puder at an airport before a royal rumble and he said hey how you going sort of thing and asked him what he was doing. puder said "im in the main event".. kurt was like main event? oh.. you mean the royal rumble? and puder said yeah.. kurt was like umm yeah whatever

    lol... puder thought he was a main eventer for being in the royal rumble... news flash daniel... drew carey was in the fucking royal rumble, doesnt mean he can wrestle
  6. But why did Kurt break the other guy's ribs? :silva:
  7. I'm guessing they were grappling, Kurt slammed him and it wasn't intentional.
  8. lol like he broke his ribs on prupose :haha:
  9. lol'd at Angle's reaction
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