News Former WWE Women’s Champion Calls Out AJ Lee; Unfavorable WWE Reaction To Lee’s Tattoo

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Shadow, Sep 28, 2013.

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  1. Not sure if this oughta be classified as news or not but it made me laugh. What are your thoughts?
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  2. This is horrible. This is AJ's dream we're talking about here. She worked her entire life to achieve it, and she deserves it all. It's a huge achievement for her. Whoever opposes that needs to stop being so jealous of her and go try to accomplish something themselves.
  3. That shitty tattoo deserves all the bad press possible.
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  4. That tattoo isn't sh*tty! That date is really important to AJ and her fans and it looks cool! I got the same thing on my hand!
  5. If her fans think it looks cool then they're assholes too! :pity2:
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  6. Well you just called me an a**hole than. Like I said, it's important to AJ and her fans, and I even got it on my hand. I don't give a f**k what you think, so shut up.
  7. The tattoo is shit, and AJ, just stick with your shitty DEEEEEEEEVAS title.
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  8. JUST STOP!!!!! >,_<
  9. Madusa is one crazy mark ass bitch.
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  10. Lol, Madusa sounds like a blast to hang out with :haha:

    The tattoo was meh anyways, but it is AJ's choice to get it, so whatever.
  11. If you got the same tattoo than you're a bigger dolt than I thought.
  12. She's angered by AJ holding up a replica of a retired championship? A championship that Madusa held so dear to her heart, mind you, that she left for WCW and dropped it in the trash on live TV on Nitro.

    Did Madusa also rant at every other Women's/Diva's Champion of the past two decades?
  13. Why? I'm not allowed to like things that I feel are important to me? Go bother someone else, I don't care about your opinions.

  14. You keep saying you don't care yet you keep replying lol. Just ignore the old man. And ignore me from now on, while we're at it.
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  15. Oh Madusa, she could legit beat him plenty of men in the sport but it's AJ's time let her have.If you want a piece of her, get in shape and face her lol.Madusa still thinks it's the 90's where she dumped the Women's Title in the trashcan on Nitro, low blow she can't really talk in this situation.
  16. Interesting how she never commented like this when others held the belt.
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  17. She's just an AJ hater. Who cares what she has to say. It's all lies anyway.
  18. Technically it is a mixture of opinions and a fact. AJ isn't the woman's champion, but the Diva's champion. Although, saying she will never be the Woman's champion and the comments on her tattoo was that of an opinion. It's a possibility that the Woman's championship could be reactivated and AJ could win it, and preferences and tastes of tattoos differ from person to person.
  19. Well I like the tattoo and it means a lot to me, which is why I got it too. I don't care if other people don't like it, I don't need people telling me it's stupid, because it's not.
  20. Then ignore it, because if people don't like it then it is always going to be a negative response coming from them. Simple solutions.
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