Former WWE Writer Not Fond Of J.R., Jericho Continues Countdown

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Donald Trump_, Jun 16, 2012.

  2. So that means JR is a douche? :downer:
  3. I think it means Vince is.
  4. That's not a secret, we know he's a child who'll take his frustrations out on people on screen. :dawg:
  5. no they are saying JR is a douche. He wondered why they made fun of JR and then he realized why they did when he met him. JR could be a dick. He told Kharma she was too fat to be a wrestler. Regardless JR is the best announcer that company has ever had and I will always think he is a boss
  6. True, I've heard stories about one time when a fan went to meet King and JR when they were leaving a hotel or something, King talked to him and everything while JR just said "get the fuck away from me" or something like that. I also interpreted it that way. But indeed, he's a great announcer.
  7. "I wondered why 'till I met him." I could picture Jr being a dick, tbh. But not on purpose but for a lack of social skills.
  8. "I wondered why until I met him." Well, nice of him to stop there and not tell us exactly why he was turned off by JR as a person.
  9. True, that "small detail" would've helped a lot. Writer not telling everything that needs to be told.
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