News Former WWE writer reveals who he'd fire in WWE

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, May 21, 2013.

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  1. Heath Slater is a walking heat magnet and could sell heroin to CM Punk. How dare you.
  2. Yeah, I'd fire them too or repackage them. 3MB is really lame.
    Slater should get a buzzcut.
  3. Slater is the shizz.
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  4. Isn't that bookings problem then? I don't blame the superstars for being jobbers when they haven't even gotten the chance to shine. And a good amount of people like 3MB as well, so if they were used properly I'm sure a lot of people would catch them entertaining.
  5. He really should. His haircut is fucking retarded, lol. Like, at least grow it down to your ass or don't grow it out at all.

    Also, I wouldn't be surprised if Punk's already on heroin. Just look at the guy.
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  6. More like fire the genius writers who thought up the gimmick in the first place.
  7. 3Mb really is the gayest shit
  8. 3mb is, not slater.
  9. You know I love Slater. McIntyre isn't bad either. but the entire concept of 3MB is 2000 WCW bad
  10. I liked Slater better as the One Man Band.
  11. Slater should team with Sheamus and form "Gingervitus".
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  12. This man would fire a bunch of talented guys (well 2 talented guys and a fake Indian) over booking issues?

    Pfff lame!
  13. Anyone know if that Youtube video of Orton yelling "stupid fucking stupid"? So many things like this could use it.

    The gimmick's awful, yes, but Slater makes it hilarious. Been hoping they let go of Mcintyre since he's not salvagable because of it, but from a business standpoint it seems kinda silly.
    Plus you need jobbers and Slater's the GOAT.
  14. My main issue with 3MB from a member standpoint is Mahal. Never liked him as a singles guy, don't like him now. He doesn't fit into the mould very well, they'd have been better sticking as a duo or not at all.
  15. They dropped the ball with Mahal in 3MB. He should have been booked as the odd man out, trying to fit in despite the obvious cultureal and character clash. Instead some how he does fit in.
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