Former WWE Writer says HHH is the wrong opponent for Brock Lesnar at Summerslam.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Asskicker, Jul 18, 2012.

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  2. I could not agree more! It should be CM Punk vs. Brock for the WWE Champion but WWE are dumb to Write that up! :pipebomb:
  3. Thank you, Randy. I've been saying this as well. You are truly the voice of the voiceless.
  4. No it should be Daniel Bryan VS Bork Laser at Summerslam.
  5. I agree. I think that Brock vs HHH should not have been made (or at least not so soon into Brock's appearances). I think that may have been a good last match for him before leaving.
  6. Lesnar vs A-Ry
  7. This also would make me come, especially if he was all American Dragon style.
  8. It doesn't take a former writer to make that conclusion, it's extremely stupid despite my markism.
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  9. IT should be Bork Laser vs Brock Lesner! To see who can really bring the pain for good!!!!
    Or maybe Someone like CM Punk, or Daniel Bryan, but it really should be someone new. HHH needs to learn how to run this business right, and getting in the ring with Lesner is something that should be saved for later. I saw on another report that HHH is looking for new talent, and that's what he should be doing right now, focusing on new, fresh young talent, not making another match for two wrestlers who are already established as two of the best today. Brock could be used better to put younger talent over, and he's perfect to make practically anybody an underdog with his attitude and style. It even worked for Cena, imagine how it could make CM Punk look, it could make his title reign look so much better to feud with someone like Brock. WWE really needs to get their shit together.
  10. i agree it should be hhh at summerslam but i dont think it should be db or cm punk
    lesnar needs to go over after he got beat by cena
    maybe ziggler or sheamus.. a big name
    if lesnar was going to lose i would be looking more towards someone like ryback
  11. Fuck CMpunk. Should be someone of size, too bad Sheamus is so worthless, Ryback is too stiff, and Funkasaurus is a fatshit. If Swaggie wasnt such a great jobber i would say see what happens, but Bork has to have at least 60-80lbs on most superstars in the WWE at the moment. Big slow kane and all the rest are the same quality as the HHH match. Fuck it, i say.
  12. Can't really agree with that guy, because I'm personally looking forward to the Brock/HHH match. We never got to see it several years ago, and now is our chance. The only thing I dislike is the fact that the angle has lost a lot of steam for me because Brock's contract means he can't be on TV much and it's been so long since Brock broken Triple H's arm that that particular segment (which was awesome) doesn't really mean as much now, and the fact that Triple H is probably going over. Otherwise, there is plenty of time for Brock to put a younger superstar over (such as Wrestlemania next year, where it would matter the most.) And getting a win over Triple H could only further help build Brock into an unstoppable monster (he should have also gone over Cena, imo) and make his eventual loss to a younger star (let's pretend that happens) mean even more.
  13. I agree with Savage punk vs lesnar would have been great
  14. Brock VS A-ry
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