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  1. I love the fact they're focusing more on the tag team division, but currently none of it is really clicking for me. It's very much the same every match, which gets really tiring when they're having multiple tag matches a night sometimes one after the other. Doesn't help that practically every team is fairly one dimensional, but that's a different subject for a different day.

    Every match seems to end the same way, with the momentum changing hot tag followed by the multiple pin attempts by the newly tagged in guy leading into the interference' by the non-legal tag partners to further change the momentum and end the match. There needs to be some new spins to tag matches before I get more bored than I already am with them.

    Would you change anything about tag matches? What would you change if so? Thoughts on the current state on the tag division?
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  2. Ive noticed this last couple of weeks they've become really predictable.
  3. I guess it's just WWE's style of how they want their tag matches to be structured, but a change in rhythm wouldn't hurt at all. Regardless, I am still very much enjoying this new and fresher tag division.
  4. Hasn't that been the formula for ever and a day?
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  5. True but with WWE throwing so many tag matches in its become really noticeable.
  6. The formula isn't the problem. The problem is how the guys work the formula.
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  7. WWE puts these formulas in play to build them up so when the formula is disrupted in big matches it feels special. You can debate if that's the best way to go about it, but we see this all across the WWE landscape. Its why all top faces have 'five moves of doom'

    edit: not to say WWE invented the age old tag match formula or are the only company using it. most/all do
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  8. The formulas in matches in general date back all the way to the early 19-hundreds and the territory days, when wrestlers moved through different towns and territories almost every month. They set a match for each tour and worked that match every night for the entire tour, just in different towns.

    Formulas for matches are as old as wrestling itself
  9. I've heard from someone who listened to a Harry Smith shoot once telling me he talked about some rules of tag team wrestling in the WWE. Only thing I remember is that there can only be one hot tag in the match. The shoot's on Youtube for anyone interested, may listen to it myself.
  10. I agree with others that there's nothing wrong per se with the matches being formulaic. There's only so many different ways you can work a wrestling match anyway so having a set formula isn't the problem (most matches are formulaic, honestly.) The issue today is the fact that the product is over-saturated with two shows a week (four if you count Main Event and Superstars) and a PPV every month. With that many hours of wrestling on TV every week, we get so many damn matches that this sort of thing just becomes more noticeable. Same thing with "superfaces."
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