Forum bets to win upgrades.

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Crayo, May 29, 2012.

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  1. Do you think I should do this every PPV?

    For example, Randy Savage and Darksidetrin both participated in bets with me over match results. If I lost, they'd get a free upgrade to either Legend or Superstar (if they're accepted, then it's legend), if I won, they'd pay for it.

    I'm tempted to hold these monthly as it's quite fun and it gets people talking and actually makes people more interested in the PPV. Not only that it gives users a chance to win free upgrades.

    What do you think?
  2. If they don't pay up, I will deal with them. :tough:
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  3. Would the bets be over the PPV as a whole or a certain match?
  4. I think it's a good idea. Obviously only prizes are virtual things (user groups, awards etc. as money/real products could be spent better elsewhere.) - No, not there -.-'
  5. I would list certain matches. For example I think Sheamus is wining at No Way Out, so I'd put a bet up saying if ADR wins you get a free upgrade and if Sheamus wins you pay. Some are less obvious.

    Basically if I think X is winning for sure, I put a bet up. I could be wrong. Some will be more obvious than others. Punk/Bryan for example is a tough one, I'm thinking Bryan is winning so I might put a bet up.
  6. This is gay. So if we lose we have to pay REAL money? :dafuq::facepalm1:
  7. Everyone that has upgraded has payed real money except a few who have won bets with Crayo. It helps keep the site going.
  8. If I held these monthly and didn't have the "if you lose you pay for it" stipulation - no one would pay for an upgrade, they'd just wait until they win. Unfortunately without upgrades hosting bills don't get paid. No hosting bill = no wwe forums.
  9. So that's how you got on top of google search for "wwe forums". :dawg:
  10. Don't bet if you ain't got no money. :tough:
  11. I'm confused. If you mean by paying our hosting and the amount of content made google love us then damn straight.
  12. Very well, I'll bet. What is it like a dollar? :burns:
  13. Depends what upgrade.

    Superstar = $5

    Legend = PM me to see if you're approved then I give you special hidden link with all the info.

    Going off-topic though; is the bet idea a good one?
  14. I'll be more than happy to bet. But only if I know the results. If I had bet money on Rock/Cena I'd be legend already. :obama::burns: Same for cena/lesnar
  15. I don't know, I'm not quite fond on the idea of someone winning Legend Membership via a bet. But it's your call.
  16. It won't be obvious bets. :tough:
  17. Still, it's nothin'. :obama:
  18. Crayo, don't bet with people that have the Predictions Cup award. :urm:
  19. You definitely would have. If someone offered bets then I would have bet that Cena won at WM and lost at ER. Proof that it really is just my opinion which isn't always right.

    They'd still have to be approved, if they weren't approved then they'd just win Superstar (or an award if they're already superstar). The only difference would be them upgrading for free instead of paying.
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