Forum Game: Name The Greatest Match

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by The GOAT, Jul 9, 2015.

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  1. Just a quick forum game that I'm throwing together for fun out of sheer boredom - I name a wrestler and the next person to answer tells me what they think their greatest match ever was. Then they name another wrestler and the cycle continues to repeat itself.

    Also, try to keep this within the realm of WWF/E, WCW, etc. I don't mind you naming a match that happened in another promotion, but don't go naming guys (or gals) that have never been apart of WWE at all since not all of us watch or care about other promotions.

    OK, with that in mind, let me start off with a most difficult choice: John Cena.
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  2. Cena vs Rollins vs Lesnar - Royal Rumble 2015

  3. Kane vs Triple H judgement day

  4. Singles: Christian vs Y2J (WM XX)
    Tag team: Edge & Christian vs The Dudley Boyz vs The Hardy Boyz - TLC match for Tag Team Championships (WM X-7)

    Daniel Bryan
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  5. WrestleMania 28: Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus

    Mark Henry
  6. Can't really think but one that comes to mind is Wrestlemania 29 vs Ryback

  7. Batista vs Triple H inside Hell In A Cell at Vengeance 2005.

    Kurt Angle
  8. Kurt angle vs Shawn Michaels wrestlemania 21.

    Roman reigns
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  9. The Shield's debut match against Team Hell No and Ryback at TLC 2012. As far as singles matches go, his match with Daniel Bryan at Fast Lane.

    Randy Orton
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  10. [​IMG]
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  11. The Rock Vs Mankind in the I quit match but one of his encounters at mania with Austin would probably be the concensus.

    HBK, good luck.
  12. HBK vs. Undertaker wrestle mania 25.

    Dolph ziggler
  13. DZ vs Del Rio (Payback 2013)

    Brock Lesnar
  14. vs CM Punk at Summerslam 2013.

    Triple H
  15. Triple h vs Shawn bad blood 2004 hell in a cell

    Ric flair
  16. Taryn vs Gail 2013?
  17. Flair vs. Sting for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, Clash of the Champions (1)

    The Undertaker

  18. Taker vs triple h mania 28.

  19. vs John Cena 29/6/15

    Y2J Chris Jericho
  20. Chris Jericho vs. HBK - WrestleMania XIX

    Randy Savage
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