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    Traitor is a roleplaying game to which six or more players will be able to join in.
    Each person will be assigned a class from the gamemaster (Me.) to then which for fifteen (Or More) minutes to be able to pair up, have an alliance and try to catch the bad guy or bad guys.

    The classes and their perks.
    Traitor - Your objective is simple, kill the innocent without being caught by the investigator.
    Investigator - Your objective is to catch the Traitor before he/she catches you or the civilians you are trying to protect.
    Dame - Your Objective is to stay alive, and to be the scarlet o'hara of the game. Be as dramatic as you can be, but don't get killed. You are pretty much the easiest target for the Traitor or The Witch to kill.
    The Witch - You are the only one who knows everyone's class. You have the power to decide to be good or bad, you can choose to line yourself with the the Traitor or choose to line yourself with the investigator. Use your powers to kill each innocent every night until you are left standing with (The Traitor or The Investigator) However if a civilian finds out your class, you will be banished from the town. Play wisely.
    Instigator - You are here to cause trouble. Pin others against eachother but don't let your guard down for one second, you can still be killed by the investigator or the traitor.
    Innocent - You are a target, you must find out who the investigator is and convince them that you are a safe unit in the game. If not... The Traitor or Witch can find you and kill you.

    There is no limit to the amount of clones that can be in the game.
    "What does that mean?"
    That means that there can be two dames, or two investigators, or five traitors and one investigator.
    Each round will be different, fun and unique for all.

    "How will the game work?"

    When a round starts, you may all begin roleplaying your story.
    The gamemaster (Me) will be going to each one of you in a conversation (PM) and asking you these questions.

    If you are a traitor the game master will ask you.
    "Who do you wish to attack when night falls?"
    To Which then they will respond with a player in the game.
    "I'll attack Senhor Perfect"

    The Gamemaster will then go to the investigator and ask.
    "Who do you wish to protect?"
    To Which they will respond with a player in the game.
    "I'll protect Majour."

    The Gamemaster will then go to the dame and ask them.
    "Who do you feel you trust the most?"
    To Which they will respond with a player in the game.
    "I believe I trust Just Kevin."

    The Gamermaster will then go and reveal the list of classes and the players with those classes.
    "Senhor Perfect is the investgator.
    Majour is the traitor
    Shadow is the dame
    You are the witch
    Tsar is the instigator
    CrayJ Lee is the innocent.
    The Gamemaster will then ask The Witch.
    "Who do you wish to attack tonight?
    To then they will respond with.
    "I'll attack Crayo."

    The Gamemaster will not go to the instigator, As there role is to stay clear but pin others against eachother.

    The Innocent will also not be approached as their goal is to simply stay alive.
    Find out who the traitor is.

    The Gamemaster will then state in the thread.
    "Night Has Fallen."
    and write out a scenario to which person has died on the first night, however.
    If an investigator protects someone that the traitor attempts to kill then
    everyone will be safe.

    However, The town will come together and vote against who they feel is the traitor.
    (This is where the instigator will come in and try to cause conflict between the other players.)

    Ways To Win.
    If the traitor attempts a kill and is stopped by the investigator, the town will come together and decide a vote on who they feel is the traitor. If they all vote the traitor then he will be arrested and the innocents will win
    (Investigator, Dame, Innocent.)

    If The Instigator gets more then two innocents killed, They win the round.

    If The Traitor kills everyone, They win the round.

    If The Witch helps the traitor kill everyone, then she wins the round with the traitor.

    If The Witch kills the traitor with the investigator, then she wins with the investigator and the innocents.

    (It does sound a little confusing at first, but it's worth a try! if things get a little hectic then we will have a moderator come in and help me out.)

    First Six To Post "I'm In." gets to be in the round.

    Inspired By Town Of Salem.

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  2. Seems nerdy and gay but that's my style.
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  3. Do I get to wear a dress?
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  4. I'm in. :obama:
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  5. I might be interested if I have the time for this.
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