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Discussion in 'Announcements Archive' started by Lady Deathbane, Jul 16, 2013.

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    I'm remaking the poll because it's under new circumstances - having more than one wrestler at the top.

    Realizing this new decision, we've also opened new possibilities such as wrestlers from the past (Stone Cold, Eddie Guerrero, etc.) and wrestlers from TNA (Austin Aries, Bobby Roode, etc.) and shit.

    Please list your FOUR top candidates for the header as so:

    1. (answer here)
    2. (answer here)
    3. (answer here)
    4. (answer here)

    -Did I mention you're only allowed FOUR votes?

    -If you pick a current wrestler, they will be used in present day (i.e. Bryan Danielson will not be used if you pick Daniel Bryan).

    -If you didn't know, you're only allowed FOUR wrestlers to choose from.

    -Please stay on topic as it will be easier to count the vote.

    -Also, you can only pick your wrestlers FOUR times.

    -Please try and refrain from recanting your votes as well, guys. It's going to get really confusing if a lot of people do it. Be sure on who you're voting for before posting.

    -If you list any more than FOUR wrestlers, I will only count your first four that are listed.

    Daniel Bryan - 25​
    Dolph Ziggler - 17​
    CM Punk - 17​
    Cody Rhodes - 12​
    'Stone Cold' Steve Austin - 8​
    Austin Aries - 8​
    Bobby Roode - 8​
    AJ Lee - 8​
    Dean Ambrose - 7​
    Randy Orton - 4​
    Damien Sandow - 3​
    Mark Henry - 3​
    AJ Styles - 2​
    Bray Wyatt - 2​
    Triple H - 2​
    John Cena - 2​
    Brock Lesnar - 2​
    Eve Torres - 2​
    The Undertaker - 1​
    Curtis Axel - 1​
    Bob Backlund - 1​
    Fandango - 1​
    Kevin Steen - 1​
    Brad Maddox - 1​
    Bully Ray - 1​
    Eddie Guerrero - 1​
    Insane Clown Posse - 1​
    Shawn Michaels - 1​
    Mr. Anderson - 1​
    Tyson Kidd - 1​
    Bret Hart - 1​
  2. Forgot to add, if anyone else wants to give making the header a shot, please, by all means go ahead. The more the merrier and it's just more choices for the people of WWEF to vote on. :emoji_slight_smile:
  3. [​IMG]

    I can change the superstars to whoever.. this is just an example
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  4. Styles
  5. Ambrose, Bryan, Rhodes and Aries
  6. I'd want a banner similar to what wils172 posted, except the guys on the left side (Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, The Rock) are the past legends, and the guys on the right side (John Cena, CM Punk and either Daniel Bryan or Randy Orton) are the current superstars.
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  7. Bryan, Rhodes, Sandow, Ambrose
  8. Yes, this is how it should be since we have a big header space. logo and description on middle and the superstars on left and right side. We need some heels up there also.
  9. Show Spoiler
    Crayo just said Hogan's never going to be on the header, lmfao.

    That'd be a pretty cool concept to consder.
  10. Then vote ya' big lummox. :smug:

  11. Grrr.

    Ok, to go with only four, I vote John Cena, Randy Orton, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan.
  12. 1. Orton
    2. AJ Lee
    3. Daniel Bryan
    4. Punk
  13. 1. Stone Cold Steve Austin
  14. 1. Bryan
    2. Styles
    3. Steen
    4 Austin/Cena
  15. I could also do one with like 20+ superstars.. that might look cool
  16. Punk, Lesnar, Fandango and Ziggler.
  17. 1. Stone Cold
    2. Daniel Bryan
    3. AJ Lee
    4. The Undertaker
  18. Or ridiculously crowded. lol
  19. :okay:

    Daniel Bryan, Punk, Ziggler, Sandow, ADR, Ambrose, Maddox.. one or two TNA wrestlers should be there also cuz TNA is getting so popular here. some of my choices for TNA would be Roode, Bully, Daniels, or Aries.
  20. Nice one choosing four. GREAT WORK THERE.
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