Forum messed up in IE9

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by AceInfinity, Apr 14, 2012.

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  1. Forum looks a bit messed up in IE9...

  2. Best advice I can give is D/L chrome or firefox internet explorer is the Kelly Kelly of browser just horrible and very likely to end up with you getting a virus.
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  3. Go with the above best advice I got on here was downloading Chrome!
  4. MyBB, us, or most sites don't compensate with IE 9 any more. It's the most horrific browser I can think of.

    Btw Seabs, best post of the day.
  5. THIS.

    Imma use this at one of my computer lectures. :pity:

    @[AceInfinity], just go Firefox. It's easier to learn esp. when you're from IE9.
  6. [​IMG]
  7. lol there's nothing wrong with Kelly Kelly.

    I don't have to learn Firefox it's already one of the browsers that I use the most and am most familiar with. I'm just raising the awareness to this for the people that may use IE and come to the forum to see it messed up like that.

    I have to use IE sometimes because it's more compatible with the pages I visit for my MVP status.
  8. Could set up a header message for IE users or something, I'll see. Most people should know not to use that horrid browser though, I understand it's sometimes forced upon you but meh.
  9. Let the header message be

  10. I know a couple of site that show a message like "Download a real browser you poor sod" when you go to them in ie9. Do something like that please. "Download a real browser or I'll suplex you brother!"
  11. I'm sure 70% of every computer user out there uses IE on average because it comes installed default for Windows. So that's usually the FIRST browser you try to optimize for when making a website.
  12. Every single website I've ran has had Chrome and Firefox dominating the charts when it comes to views - so basically, it's more like 70%+ of our traffic is Chrome/Firefox.

    A lot of forums/websites ignore IE, because of how bad a browser is. You have no idea how much has to be changed to make it work for IE lol, MyBB developers themselves have sometimes said "Fuck that" when people have asked to make it IE friendly - it's that bad, lol.
  13. It's difficult for ppl though as if ur not in the know as I wasn't when i first started this forum IE is the brwoser pushed down ur throat. It's only when u get on a site like this as a noob that ppl tell u to avoid it and use Chrome of Firefox!
  14. [​IMG]

    Our top 3 browsers used, see how little percent IE has :emoji_slight_smile:

    I'll work on getting that message put up though today.
  15. Yeah, but where do you get the majority of your viewers from? (HF)

    So the rumour is already spread there not to use IE, however the majority of internet users around the world use IE the most.
  16. Most are coming from YouTube or google now a days, atleast that's what new sign ups say.
  17. Lol HF isn't even in the top 10 of our traffic income. Google is #1, YouTube is #2, is #3.
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