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Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by Solidus, Mar 20, 2016.

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    We've never really had any rules in place, but I feel it's in everyone's best interest if we do.
    WWE Forums is a very relaxed community, we are not strict on moderation but there are limits. Anyway,


    Flaming / Excessive Language [1 point, 1 week]
    We don't care if you say "fuck" or "shit" now and again. However, excessive bad language just isn't acceptable. You can control it, so read your post back before replying angrily.
    Similarly, hurling abuse at other members is not acceptable either. We know the difference between "banter" and flaming, so don't try fooling anyone.

    Off Topic Posting [1 point, 3 days]
    Taking another members thread off topic is not allowed. This rule is enforced depending on the direction the thread takes.

    Advertising / Spam [1 point, 1 week]
    Signing up to advertise or spam usually results in a ban. You can fill in your homepage here and in your signature, a thread isn't needed. Competing sites are not allowed to be advertised and will result in an immediate ban.

    Article Promotion
    Continuously linking back to your website whilst not joining in as a member here will result in one or more of the following
    • Warning
    • Ban
    • Content moderated before being displayed publically
    • Domain blacklist
    This is at the discretion of the forum team. If we believe you are only here to promote and steal traffic, action will be taken.

    Spoiling Results [1 point, 1 week]
    This means posting a thread containing spoilers, and not using the spoiler thread tag or spoiler code. Thread tag must always be used, but using the spoiler code is optional.

    Signature Violation [1 point, 3 days]
    You can view the signatures rules here.

    Abusing Features [2 points, 2 weeks]
    This covers anything other than post related rule breaking, such as:
    - Going on a post disliking spree
    - Putting things in your profile that shouldn't be there (malware, porn, etc..)

    Adult Content [3 points, 3 days]
    Semi-naked people or any kind of porn cannot be posted publicly, doing so will get the site into trouble with Google. There will be zero tolerance for this.
    There is a private legends section and a women of wrestling section for this.

    Chat Rules

    - Please keep off topic chatting to a minimum in the Live Discussion room.
    - Giphy spam is only acceptable in the General Chat room.

    Repeated rule breaks will result in being kicked or banned from the room or chat entirely.

    Warning Actions

    At 3 points: add to limited group while at 3 points or more. This means your posts will have to be manually approved, and other site functions will be disabled such as signature editing and using the chat.

    At 6 points: a 1 day ban is issued.

    At 9 points: a 5 day ban is issued.

    At 100 points: a permanent ban is issued.

    Things to Note

    Bumping a thread isn't against the rules, just don't do it for no reason.
    No warnings are issued for posting a thread in the wrong section. This has never been a problem and is very quick and easy to move.
    By using WWE Forums, you agree to the rules above.

    If you have any questions, or want to suggest additions/removals, reply to this thread.

    Thank you. :nod:
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  2. I think this is overdue, I dig this.
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  3. Got it, boss.
  4. Finally becoming the dicktader you were meant to be. I like.
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  5. Does ring gear count? I'm a bit confused on this one. I'm assuming it's mainly based on posting pictures of women, given the women of wrestling section.

    Take Summer Rae for instance
    Is this picture acceptable or not?
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  7. :eww2: reported :jeritroll:
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  8. These are fine, never had complaints before.
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  9. [​IMG]
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  10. On a serious note. Like it.

    Would be cool if we can get an in-depth version down the line.
  11. It's not in-depth enough? What needs explaining more?
  12. :okay:
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  13. If I remember correctly we used to have a "Rules" page on the site. It explained everything from what sections are for what threads, and who was on the mod team. It's not necessary but I think it was a good hub for info.
  14. That can be a wiki page I guess.
  15. Roadie just wants to see his name in a mod list.:reigns:
  16. Flaming within a reasonable context should absolutely be allowed. It's only natural that tempers may flare up now and again under the right (wrong?) conditions.
  17. To be fair there are kids on the forum and the possibility of kids joining. Do we really need to lend a helping hand to another kid who grows up to sound like they just passed to get their CDL? I for one don't mind it now and then when reading but when someone excessively swears in text it is just cheap and trashy and honestly would make the forum look bad. I would never join a forum where there were more curse words in the context of one conversation than on an entire episode of Jerry Springer.
  18. I didn't say anything about cursing (let alone excessive cursing), I said flaming. One does not need to curse in order to insult a person (directly or indirectly), although it does admittedly help get the point across more effectively. The idea that I should have to censor myself on the damn internet for the sake of children is quite deplorable.