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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Jonathan, Dec 4, 2013.

  1. @Solidus

    What if we could purchase global alerts from the shop? They'd probably need a mod review for them to go through so people couldn't link malware/porn etc. but I think they could be used well to promote a thread they want viewed/replied, or even just to link to pictures of cats if @Britanica wants to waste her money.

    $2.5k per alert?
  2. Can't be done. Shop purchases give permission nodes, and there is no permission which allows for just 1 global alert.
  3. Would it be possible to add a separate thing to the store, for example:

    Coon could write a page where it has a box to put the link of your alert in and a box for the text it will show, and the buyer can fill all that in. Then when you submit the form it sends all staff a PM containing the details they've just inputted and takes the amount of cash providing they have it, if not, they get an error message? That doesn't seem too difficult, or maybe it is, not sure :lol1:
  4. No, and what an annoyance that would be for staff. Global alerts are mostly for significant changes to the site and events.
  5. :sad: alright
  6. I have a few new additions coming right about now.
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  7. Custom smiley one? :emoji_grin:
  8. Wait and see.
  9. F5's /shop/ furiously :tough:
  10. Ok, if the price of the colored username is going to keep skyrocketing, can we only allow just so many users to have the color at one time? $3500 seems kinda steep. Hell I thought $1750 was steep
  11. I'll just remove buying for other members. Price will be put down slightly.
  12. Ok Solidus, but could you ask the community before actually making changes? Would hate you to change something because I asked and it affects others negatively. I was just wondering if the option was there. Colored names seems to be pretty popular.
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  13. I've stopped. Please don't remove that.
  14. There, see what I mean :urm:
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