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  1. I was wondering how I should approach this announcement, but I considered the abrupt title will get your attention. As you can tell by the title of this thread, the site has been sold to @Solidus. I never thought I'd ever sell this site and have rejected offers as large as 10,000 for it -- proof of my dedication and love for my baby and this community -- but there are quite significant reasons as to why this is the right time to switch owners. I will explain them now.

    Personal life:
    Recently I have moved out to live independently and have found myself too caught up in real life social events to have any significant time on the internet. Well, actually, I still am an avid user of the internet, it's just I don't have the amount of time required to make a forum tick on and improve. I find myself avoiding the forum now because of the inevitable neglect I've had to involve it with due to my somewhat busy schedule. I don't want to avoid a site I created and have it burn into the ground like many other forum owners do out there. I pride myself on having a certain forum philosophy and being honest and down to earth are the fundamentals of it.

    To summarise, I basically do not have the time any more to invest in the community. I have a new job, new home, new friends/seeing old friends more, a more active social life, and a girlfriend (well, I'm seeing her, but <333333), so it's just an impossible balancing act.

    My passion for wrestling:
    One of the biggest factors in my decision to step down as owner of the forum is my passion for wrestling. The whole community is built around the niche of professional wrestling, and to be blunt, I simply have no passion for it any more. It's been dwindling for a while, yet I could still discuss it with you guys and feel intrigued by potential storylines, but not any more. I haven't watched RAW in a long time and I don't want to. It's not because of the product itself not being good enough, it's just about my passion for the sport itself not being as intense as it used to be.

    The SOLE reason why I made this forum was because I was a huge wrestling fan who had webmaster knowledge and an idea of what I wanted a wrestling community to be. I thought the other wrestling communities were ran poorly and I knew I could do a better job. Personally, I feel like I've succeeded, and have left a platform where people can approach wrestling-discussion in a completely different way. I can not continue this without being a fan of the niche itself. Note: that applies to me only, other webmasters do run very popular niches without actually being fans of it themselves.

    A familiar face can take over:
    All of you know who Solidus is. He is the guy who hosted our forum single handedly for months for a fee way less than we would have had to pay elsewhere. He offered his very talented server-administration skills for us for free. He handles day-to-day moderation and administration work on the forum... for free. He has been the hardest working admin here for a lot of consecutive months if I'm perfectly honest.

    Solidus loves running forums and also has experience running plenty in the past. He can take this place much further than I can on a part-time basis. I guarantee he already has a ton of ideas on what he is going to change and not change, but I'll let him discuss that in his announcement.

    I could have accepted a larger fee and gone elsewhere, but why would I not want Solidus to take over? You all know him, love him, and I want to be a Dolph'sZiggler-like user, and I know Solidus won't ban me :emoji_grin:.


    To conclude, I love every single one of you. I've ran the forum since December 16th 2011, and I don't regret a day of it. There has been so many hilarious moments shared with everyone here. I will literally be here all night if I list all of them so I won't do that. I don't give a fuck how cheesy this looks but I need to thank you all. The 100% main reason why I enjoyed running this joint was because of the community, and there isn't a community without the members.

    Members love to bring up the roles of staff/administrations and say "we won't be here if it wasn't for X", but the site would have died a long time ago if there wasn't such a fun community attached to it. Now I need you guys to continue being like you are right now with Solidus in charge. Nothing drastic is going to change where you feel like you can't be on the site any more.

    I was going to write a lot more, but I feel like I can answer some questions to get my point across easier, as I always forget to write about stuff. However, from this moment forward, Solidus is the owner of the forum.
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  2. Just recently joined the forum and started posting frequently, but you helped me with my account and other stuff and seem like a really awesome dude. Congrats on the new house and job and everything :emoji_slight_smile:
  3. A few important things to note about this. The forum will be moved back to and PPV's won't crash the site any more as it'll be back on my servers.
    I have a bunch of awesome features to add, all to be added very soon.
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  4. That's mah boy.
  5. If anyone were to ever buy the forum I'd want it to be Solidus.:happy: #NotKissingAss
  6. Awesome! Thank You!
  7. Cool. Now get a camera with color and you'll be #TheBoss.
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  8. Hmm, kudos for your recent life endeavors Crayo.
    and congrats Solidus on purchasing the site.
  9. #ThankYouCrayo
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  10. Rather sell his forum than unban niggaswag.

    Bye Crayo
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  11. Well I guess this makes @Shadow Ambrose's main fan-girl now. :troll:
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  12. Now in all seriousness, I don't know how active you're gonna be, but I'd just like to thank you Crayo. Not kissing ass or anything, this is genuine. I came to the site simply for spoilers and rumors and the occasional LD, and as my interest for wrestling has slowly decreased, I've become more active. You made a great community, and you can try and put it on us but if it weren't for your upgrades and all the time and money you spent on this site, none of us would be here.

    Good luck in the future my friend, and I hope we'll be seeing you active again.
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  13. Solidus is sexier anyway. :gtfo:
  14. Never say you never did anything for anyone, because your site has done a lot for a lot of us. Thanks, buddy. xoxoxoxo

    Now let Solidus' reign on top begin, because just what we need is another heel authority figure. :haha:
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  15. Cool story. Congrats Solidus, but I'm still going to rant message Crayo occasionally, I just won't be looking for answers anymore.
  16. Hey Solidus, since you're the owner, can you ban this guy right above me?

    Thanks, buddy.
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  17. @Crayo if u gong sell the site u should have sold it to me man. Were pals why did you not tell me? I would have keep the way you had it. Well I can just see my time end now on the forums since @Solidus hate me.
  18. Is not all about you sometimes. It's about making a choice that would be universally accepted as well as (no pun intended) best for business for the site.
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