Forum Updates 10/12/16 - Threadmarks, Tag Emails & Post Formatting

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    Couple of new things to let you know about.


    These are bookmarks within threads. You can set any post in your own thread as a threadmark, give it a title and it'll be shown next to the thread pagination.

    tm.png tm2.png

    Moderators can add threadmarks in any thread.


    This allows you to set the default post style. You'll find new options in your Personal Details page.


    and you'll also find 2 new buttons on the editor to make changes to your default style whilst within threads.



    You can now opt-in to receiving an email for each forum alert, find this setting on the Contact Details page. "Receive email when mentioned" (Legends)
    Various changes to the warning system, more useful for mods.
    Entire usergroups can be tagged, @Administrative for example. Don't abuse this! (Legends)
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  2. Testing my default post style using verdana font, blue color and size 4.
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  3. Love the threadmark idea.
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  4. Very cool. Keep up the good work, bro.